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Monday June 10th

Freedom (F-BOMB: SEALs Love Curves Book 1)


By Mary E Thompson

Romantic Suspense

He was born to be a soldier. It was the only thing he ever thought about being. Until he met her. Then the only thing he dreamed of being was hers. As long as he can save her.

Defending Keirnan: A Lynyrd Station Story (Lynyrd Station Protectors - Special Ops Book 1)


By PJ Fiala

Romantic Suspense

There are only two things important to GHOST operative Dane Copeland—his five-year-old daughter and his top-secret job undertaking crucial missions involving national security. He doesn’t need, want, or have time for anything else. Especially not for Keirnan Vickers, his daughter’s new kindergarten teacher.

The Girl Who Sees Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 1)

99 cents

By Jeffrey McClain Jones

Christian Fiction

Haunted by visions since childhood, Sophie questions her sanity. As she navigates a world of skeptics and psychics, she discovers her true gift: seeing angels and demons. With the help of a believer, she faces her fears to embrace her identity and confront the darkness within.

Original Sin, An Organized Crime Romance: The Sinners


By Elizabeth Miller

Contemporary Romance

Mafia princess Vivi Cabello wants nothing to do with a made man until she meets new recruit Luca Mancini. But she’s forced to entrust Luca with her life—and her body. While their bond grows, so does the web of lies surrounding Vivi, and she must race to unravel the truth.

An Empty Tree: A Journey Series Suspense Thriller, #1 (The Journey)


By Glenn Trust

Thriller and Suspense

Her blue eyes were luminous. They saved her life… for a while. Four people begin a journey. It will lead them to a deadly meeting on a country road beside an Iowa cornfield. Along the way, a mystery unravels through twists and turns that have you wondering who the "good guys and bad guys" are.

Tangled Secrets: A Suspense Thriller (Mirror Estate Series Book 3)

99 cents

By S.F. Baumgartner

New Release - Thriller and Suspense

Two women in crisis: Grace Benson, a teacher, receives threats and gets entangled with the FBI. Sheila Mitchell, a wedding planner, finds her husband dead and herself the prime suspect. Will Grace survive the threats? Can Sheila clear her name with her FBI agent ex-husband's help? Who's targeting them?

Isolating Contact: The Contact Series: Book 1


By Ash Remington

Sci-Fi Thriller

Mankind's first contact may be their last. The deciding factor will be who is a greater threat? Humans or our alien visitors? This fast-paced science fiction thriller is told through multi-POV and guarantees to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Fight for Me (Unbreakable Book 1)

99 cents

By Hannah Martinez

Romantic Suspense

Jenny knows better than to fall for Brody, the man from her past who almost died trying to save her from her tormentor. Now, all these years later, they will finally learn if love truly can conquer all…

Frederick Fly-Catcher

99 cents

By Helen C. Johannes


What happens when Frederick, a champion fly-catcher, is confronted with a human? After all, humans are dangerous! And worse, this human is carrying a thing of troublesome, powerful magic. What if Frederick can’t get it to stop? “A fun adventure that was a hit with my nine-year-old!” 5 Stars, Amazon

heal your relationship with money: Understand your "why," let go of past financial dysfunction, and make peace with your money in just 28 days


By Kara Stevens

Business and Money

Transform your finances in just 28 days with 'Heal Your Relationship with Money.' Silence limiting beliefs, align spending with values, and embark on a journey to financial peace and empowerment today for just $1.99!

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