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President of Lithuania Calls to Nominate for
Global Lithuanian Awards 2020

Dear GLL members and friends, 

As we enter into the final quarter of this unprecedented year, we would like to acknowledge all those who devoted their energy and resources for the benefit of our country. To do so, we invite everyone to share with us names and stories of exceptional individuals who:

  • have made feasible and sustainable impact on the economic, scientific, social, or cultural development of Lithuania in 2020, and also:
  • have international professional experience,
  • have maintained a close relationship with Lithuania.

Global Lithuanians have once more proven they are united, generous, and smart in finding ways out of the most complex situations in the face of the crisis. 

Nominate for the Global Lithuanian Awards 2020 until Dec 6, 2020. 

Whole Month of Celebration!

Unusual circumstances call for creative solutions. Instead of having the Global Lithuanian Awards (GLA) event in Vilnius, we will have a whole GLA month in January! 

  • We will reveal the shortlisted nominees for GLA 2020 to the public on 29 December;   
  • We will be annoucing winners in various categories every week in January, together with our partner LRT; 
  • We will invite you to online sessions with laureates of GLA 2020 to hear their stories and answer your questions.     

If the circumstances allow, we hope to welcome you in person at our traditional X-mas Drinks Networking on 29 December!

Stay tuned for more info. 


Career Opportunities for Global Professionals in Lithuanian Companies.

Upcoming | Meeting with Luminor
Register here>>

On November 12, Thursday, we will be meeting online with the management of LUMINOR GROUP, the third-largest financial services provider in the Baltic region. With its customer base of 1.3 million clients and its team of over 2300 professionals, LUMINOR aims to become a leading financial services provider for Baltic businesses and entrepreneurial people. Read more about the event and register to participate HERE>> 

Replay | Meeting with Ignitis Group
Watch here >>

During an hour-long Meet & Greet session with the largest Baltic energy group IGNITIS GROUP, we covered their IPO, transformation plans, gender balance, cultural and digital challenges, board governance, and many other topics. Watch the whole replay or pick and chose from a list of topics we broke down for you. Special thanks to Gintare Budriunaite and LCLC club for event moderation! 

    Considering Relocating to Lithuania?
    Share your CV >>

    With Lithuanian expats increasingly scouting for job opportunities in Lithuania, we encourage those of you interested to share with us your CV or share with us your LinkedIn profile at jobs@lithuanianleaders.org. Our TRIBES Global Leaders Search team is ready to help you connect with the best-matching job opportunities. 

    (Your personal data is being processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Data Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania, other law and sub statutory legal acts.)   

      Project Manager | GLL
      Apply here >>
      Location: Vilnius

      A non-profit and non-governmental organization, "Global Lithuanian Leaders" is starting a 2-year project for civic activation of Lithuanian professional diaspora funded by "Active Citizens Fund." Thus we are looking for a Project Manager to coordinate the upcoming activities. If you are a doer full of ideas and aspirations, we welcome you on board! Read more and apply here >> 

      Global minds needed at Iron Wolf Capital
      Apply here >>
      Location: Vilnius

      Iron Wolf Capital is the newest and coolest VC fund based in Vilnius and managed by the founding members of the LCLC club and passionate supporters of GLL. Having swiftly established as one of the most active investors in the Baltics, they are now looking to grow their team and geographic reach. They are currently looking for Analysts to join their investment team. You are also welcome to reach out for other cooperation opportunities!

      Head of Regions | LT Big Brother
      Contact >>
      Location: Global

      GLL voluntary program LT Big Brother is looking for a new team member to transform and grow this global mentorship program. We are currently looking for the Head of Regions, who will join the core Organising Committee to manage local coordinators worldwide and expand the program into new global regions. If you are graduating or starting your professional career, this might be a great opportunity to accelerate it by gaining valuable work experience and expanding your professional network worldwide! Contact us at info@ltbigbrother.com for further details.

      Open Call for International PhDs to Move to Lithuania
      Apply here >>
      Deadline: December 1, 2020

      MJJ foundation launched a new open call for Lithuanian and international PhDs from the universities abroad who are willing to move and continue their science career in Lithuania. Last year, already 7 talented scientists were granted 220 900 Eur for their research work and lectures in Lithuania, doubling the VU, KTU, and VGTU universities' salary. Read more here>> 

      Learn more >>
      Historic Elections and Historic Result

      The first elections of activated and extremely engaged Global Lithuanian Constituency brought about the double victory. Both its candidates Aušrinė Armonaitė and Dalia Asanavičiūtė were elected to the Parliament. Both parties, these inspiring ladies represent, negotiate the formation of the new government.
      If global Lithuanians remain as active, this is the historic chance to make the voice of Global Lithuanians loud and clear, the needs and issues placed for discussion and voting

        Thank You!

        In these Parliament elections, global Lithuanians doubled the number of voters and made the historic constituency the largest and the most active in Lithuania. The result was enabled by the pro-active participation of Clubs of Global Professionals Abroad, who shared their finances and most precious time for this activation campaign's success. LEO in Berlin, Lithuanian American Business Association in Los Angeles, LCLC - Lithuanian City of London Club - Londono Sičio Lietuvių Klubas, LPS CLUB - Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm LPC - Lithuanian Professionals in CopenhagenLPT Club - Lithuanian Professionals in Tallinn, ITLIETUVIAI.IT, New York Lithuanian Professionals, Lithuanian Professionals in ParisLithuanian Professionals in Oslo.


          Film director GIEDRĖ ŽICKYTĖ continues to dazzle audiences worldwide with her new documentary "The Jump." After being awarded as the best documentary at Warsaw Film Festival, the film has already been screened in Rome, Tallin, Prague and Berlin. It is about to hit America's largest documentary festival DOC NYC in New York. "The Jump" tells the story of  a Lithuanian sailor who jumped from a Soviet ship onto a US Coast Guard boat in 1970. See the movie trailer here>>  

          Under the initiative of GINTARĖ BALSEVČIŪTĖ, an enterprise implementation manager at Coursera in the UK, over 30,000 learners from Lithuania were engaged in free online courses as part of the Workforce Recovery Initiative held along with Lithuanian Employment Service. Listen to , Coursera's CEO, elaborate on the initiative in further detail>> 

          VITALIJA DAVINSKA, a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland, has set off to make scientific workplace knowledge accessible for all. She gathered 68 scientists worldwide to write down the most important insights in two books called Transdisciplinary Workplace Research & Management to be downloaded for free.  You can help Vitalija in her aspiration by donating the project here>> 

          As Europe faces the second wave of the global pandemic and national lockdowns, Dr. DAUMANTAS MATULIS, Head of the Department of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design at the Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University, answeres questions about the spread of the virus and what to expect next. Watch his one-hour discussion, organized by our Paris clubin Lithuanian HERE>>

          EGLĖ MURAUSKAITĖ, a Senior Researcher and Simulation Designer at the University of Maryland, discusses USA elections' intermediate results. Watch her interview here>>

          Innovations do not have to be expensive, argues SKAIDRA PUODZIUNAS, Senior Engagement Advisor for Ontario Digital Service, referring to her one-year cooperation with GovTech Lab in Lithuania. Read the full article here>>   

          Would you like to share your story with a wider network? 
          Drop us a message at info@lithuanianleaders.org


            On Thursday, 12 Nov, join an inspiring online conversation & discussion with three Lithuanian diaspora professionals working in finance, biotech, start-ups & pharma sectors: Rūta Laukien, Paulius Kunčinas & Dainius Macikėnas. The event aims to highlight Lithuanian professionals' international success and share their business experiences during global pandemics. It is organised by Lithuanian communities in Luxembourg and Belgium, together with the Lithuanian investors club MAM.  Read more and register to participate HERE>>  

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