October 2018

The Station Master`s Report


Welcome to the tenth Footbridge Editorial of 2018


I started this editorial with a bit of a conundrum flying around in my mind. A couple of months back it was suggested that the forum had taken a bit of a swing down the O gauge direction and that there was a bit of a diminishing OO scale content. This was something that I had noticed and thought was a fair comment as we do have a large contingent of O Gauge modellers. However, as I put it down to the rising popularity of O gauge as it has become more affordable to more people, I put it to the back of my mind. After all …….. what could I do as a mere mortal. Well, this month, more posts have been posted up hinting at the draaaaaaaaaaaw of O gauge modelling and once again, set me off thinking again.

I may have initially put the subject to the back off my mind but immediately set about trying to do what I could to bring the OO scale modellers out of the woodwork again by starting “ Scale specific “ competitions to try and drum up more interest. We don’t have much support with OO scale sponsors as its really the nature of who is willing to come on board so where this happens, I myself ( as the driver behind Platform 1 ) put up the prizes to make it happen. The staging of the competitions has brought limited success but not enough. I’d love to hear from folks from all sphere’s of the hobby with suggestions on what they would like to see to enhance the balance of the current content and what would get them contributing again. Whilst I have grasped the nettle so to speak in trying to address the point, I can’t do it by myself. It will only be as successful as the contributions that are made by all.

I’ll kick off the campaign by raising another fresh competition. It’ll be posted on the forum as usual but here is the catalyst to get it going. Specifically for our OO scale brethren out there, I’m looking to get your modelling juices flowing again so what I am looking for is simple and to the point. Whether you have an existing OO scale modelling thread going, or whether you start a fresh project, the member who contributes the most involved thread with the most regularly updated and maintained posting between now and the end of March 2019, wins an NCE PowerCab. Its sitting in stock waiting to go out.

Now …… speaking of competitions, both the OO scale and O gauge Christmas Competitions are well and truly advanced with Ianvolvo46, Mr Porter, Timbersurf and Matt leading the way with some interesting projects.

Likewise, Rob Pulham was first out of the trap with his O gauge entry now being chased by later entries by Paul-l and Jakesdad. The bar has been set high and it will be interesting who gets the accolade at the end of November when the axe falls on time. The very best of luck to you all Gentlemen.


The Golden Goat for 2019 has been awarded to our very own Scottystitch who was recognised for both his contributions to his general participation and more appreciated still, his generous contribution of time in assisting at our Exhibitions as another pair of safe hands. He has also given a provisional thumbs up for the inclusion of his N scale layout to fly the flag for Platform1 in our 2019 Exhibition in Elgin. Many thanks Scotty.

The Elgin Exhibition went down a treat with a very healthy interest of the Platform 1 stand being drawn from the public on various elements of Luib Bridge / Another Bridge layout. It was a great weekend which saw a number of the Platform 1 team meet up / operate and even contribute some of their own rolling Stock to run on our layout for the general entertainment of the public. Scotty, Arry , Colin and one of our newest members Potter popped in for a good old chinwag over the weekend.  Thanks for showing so much interest and for the Craick and the banter.

The exhibition did not go without its hitches however as Paul_l decided that the Renault Master van that we hired did not have the correct design in the aerodynamics department and saw fit to do a little re-design …….. Our new Crash Test Dummy. Ha ha. They say things happen in three’s and this was no exception. The loss of “ Gauge “ in a straight length of RTR track was identified to be the culprit of numerous de-railments and traverser no 2 was cosigned to manual operation ( albeit as smooth as you like ). Ohhhh …… and number four, the premier Inn where we were staying was out of Brandy. Otherwise ……. As smooth as you like.

As far as posts go this month, a couple of late entries, one in the shape of Paul_l’s competition post and another in the form of Gormo’s “ you have to start somewhere took my interest. Paul has came in with a very daring military theme which necessitated the complete butchering of a perfectly good Dapol open wagon for his competition entry and on the more poignant side Gormo stumbled across some of his old ( and original ) layout photo records and reminds us that “ you’ve got to start somewhere “ I think this demonstrates very well the transition from keen beginner to accomplished modeller and should act as much encouragement for the less confident amongst us. Thanks Gormo for this valuable contribution.

Our numbers have swelled further in the last month so I’ll take this opportunity to once again say a big welcome aboard and thanks for joining Platform1 to all the recent signings. We all wish your stay to be an enjoyable one. Now ……. Lets hear from you.

Well, I think I have splaffed on enough but one last plea to the OO scale conundrum as I am personally taking on the quest of trying to revive some much missed activity on the subject. I’ll reemphasise though it takes willing participation from those with the ability to contribute.


So ….. without more ado, its over to Gary for his pick of the posts, and monthly photographic teaser.  


All the best for now.




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