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Monday, December 10, 2018

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TOPIC:  Josh's TI Survival Guide, just published at:

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Allison Ireland has started a project to help TI's who are having financial difficulties during the holiday season.  It is called the TI Giving Tree.  At the site listed above, you will find a list of TI's who are in need along with their Paypal account information for those that wish to make a financial contribution to them. The circumstances surrounding their situations, though, is unclear.    

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - December 10, 1948 - December 10, 2018  

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations' adoption of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document  consists of thirty articles that assign basic human rights in several areas that directly affect our cause, particularly:  

  • Article 3:  Right to Life. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
  • Article 4:  No slavery.  No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
  • Article 5: No torture. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • Article 12: Right to Privacy.  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.
  • Article 19:  Freedom of Expression.  Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Although 48 countries came together to sign the declaration, its purpose was to present ideals.  It is not a binding document.  The United States has signed, but has not yet ratified the declaration. 


Dave Case has contacted me and sent me the link for his website.  According to testimonials at his website, his CD is very effective for some people.  Here is the link:


Moe Hope's latest project is a community assessment survey.  For more information, please follow this link:


There is someone in our community, who goes by the name, Bloomie, that has connections to the head of state of one of the Caribbean islands.  She would like to present to this person, targeting situations that are happening to women, which she feels may influence her to act on our behalf.

To participate in this effort, please send your story (up to about 2 pages or so, and subject line, Caribbean Island Project) to:   Thanks!

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December Activities Calendar

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: The Bourse
111 S. Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, PA 19106
It is just across from The Liberty Bell. The stop is either Jefferson Station via Regional Rail, or Independence Hall (5th) via the Market-Frankford Blue Line.

The Bourse has a Parking Garage on 4th Street, but when I drive in, I use the parking under the Liberty Bell, at Independence Visitor Center Parking Garage (expensive, but convenient and easy to find).

Those interested can bring a wrapped $10 White Elephant Gift. You don’t have to bring a gift to come. Only those who bring a gift will exchange gifts.

Saturday,  December 29, 2018 / 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Hollywood District Public Library
4040 NE Tillamook St.
Portland, Oregon
*Your family and friends are always welcome. Optional dinner follows at the Laughing Planet Cafe, located within walking distance.
Contact:  Amy - 971-207-3401

Those interested in participating, please contact: 
Ray Richardson:  214-578-4884

Bertrand Pangan - - for those who wish to locate others in their area or help form a support group for your location.  







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**Congratulations*** to the following TI's who have recent or upcoming birthdays!  The source of these listings is mostly my Facebook page, however, if you have a birthday in December, and would like to be featured on the birthday list, send us an email to:

Doug Robbins - December 2
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Katie Swift - December 2
Silvina Eliza - December 7
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Adam Dobrin - December 8
Ram Tamang - December 9
Donna Wilkinson - December 10
Robert Hanley - December 10
Angie Martinez - December 11
Carla Grady - December 13
Katherine Williams - December 14
Alec Rafter - December 15
Alicia Ogburn - December 15
Samira Welch - December 16
Cindy Munro - December 16
Brad Donnaruma - December 16
Barbara Putnam - December 16
Beatrice Wright - December 17
Rick Fowler - December 17
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Brenton Smith - December 27
Nicholas D' Alessandro, Jr. - December 27
Daniel Morgan - December 28
Christopher Trice - December 29
Hoc Salus - December 31


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This movie was released six years ago, however even now,

it presents hope for a renewed, caring world.  

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Please encourage everyone to use the Nextdoor app. or an app like it and post to inform the public. It will be so effective. My post went to approx. 1500 people. 

I just posted on Nextdoor:
   Inform yourself
   Visit this website-

(they hate it when I do this-it shines the light on the crime)
Please encourage everyone to use the Nextdoor app. or an app like it and post to inform the public. It will be so effective. My post went to approx. 1500 people. 
May God protect you, 


In China, the most harmful to the people, the most hidden corruption of public power "Black evil organization"!

General Secretary Xi Jinping, CPC Central Committee:
At the 2nd Session of the 19th CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection, you clearly pointed out: " We must severely punish happens around the masses the corruption problem that. must should  the eradication of the  dark  evil forces and the fight against  corruption the combine, not only strike the involve underworld organizations,but also grasp the "protect umbrella" behind it.

Beyond all doubt,The corruption problem that occurs around the people,  is not only the abuse of public power corruption that invades  on the economic interests of the people. more serious   public power corruption,  is that invades and hurt the people's democratic rights and personal security rights. This kind of corruption of public power "Black evil organization" and the "umbrella" behind them,  Or in collusion with some "evil forces" in society, engaged in illegal activities of encroaching on and infringing on the vital interests of the people;  Or abuse the public power directly and do the illegal activities that infringe upon the legitimate rights of the masses. They play with the law in their palms. bare reveal come out " I have power authority  , I  fear who !?  I have money, I  fear who ?! I am a hooligan, Who am I afraid of ?! " The black and evil posture. Wilfully breaking the law and disorderly discipline, doing evil at will, has caused serious harm to the people's normal life and survival activities.

It should be emphasized that in China, the most hidden public power corruption that occurs around the people, is the abuse secret “monitoring” privileges dark corruption. In the "national security" department,  abuse the "monitoring" privilege of high-tech "brain control technology" measures,  unscrupulously violate the people's thought and personal security rights of, one group of secret agents gang, is to happen to the people, and to the people the is most harmful,  most hidden public power corruption "Black evil organization"!  If the gangsters of the underworld are the "police" who do not wear police uniforms, then this gang of secret agents who abuse public power is the gangsters wearing police uniforms.
The my personal victimization experience fact that is a powerful testimony.
I was born in September 1942, and entered Nanjing 734 plant (Nanjing cable power plant)  in August 1958. In August 1961, I joined the army,  served as a radio operator, in the 6188 army of Qufu, Shandong. In early 1965, I  demobilized back to the four workshop of the former factory. Since 1966, I have been involved in a proletarian cultural revolution that swept through the country and participated in a mass organization.
Since the second half of 1970, in launched nationwide develop the " Clean up a survey 5.16 Counter-Revolutionary Group"movement, Wu Dasheng, the agent of the "Four People's Gangs"in Jiangsu Province, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee,and"Provincial Revolutionary Committee" of the executive deputy director , Lead the provincial public security bureau chief Zhao Hong and so on, entered Nanjing University; the his right-hand man, the Nanjing Municipal Committee first secretary, and the director of the "City Revolutionary Committee" Fang Min, Lead the city's "public, inspection, law" military management committee director Wang Jide, etc, stationed in our we Nanjing 734 plant. They aim to promote the "dig deep 5.16 counter-revolution" movement for the province and establish two "black models" of "Nanjing University" and "Nanjing 734 plant".
In this devastating "deep digging 5.16" movement, our factory has become the hardest hit area in Nanjing. The Municipal "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court " Military Administration transform our factory's work-study schools and other places into fully sealed "prisons". Hundreds and more of innocent cadres and the masses be put into this a set up illegitimately prison in turn. They be persecuted day and night by "Violent Coerced confession by force" political persecution, and forced to admit that they are the so-called "5.16 counter-revolutionaries". Instantly, the whole factory turned into a black cloud of white terror. Within a few months, more than 1,000 of us in a military factory of more than 4,000 people were falsely accused and condemned to confess as "5.16 counter-revolutionaries", and countless victims were involved. Among them, Lu Wenxiu, a female middle-level cadre of the factory, Zhang Bonian, an old scientific and Technological Engineer of the factory research institute, and Huang Peisong, an ordinary worker, the were persecuted "suicide" death.

I have not been spared. On January 14, 1971, I was taken into the private cell "Jailhouse". In the face of the "deep digging squad" Several months of "Violent Coerced confession by force" trial persecution, I am confident,  as a demobilized veteran who was, In the "Cultural Revolution", there has been no violation of laws and discipline, I did not participate in any violent strife, or“anti-army”of activities, and I did not know, had not joined any "5.16 counter-revolutionary organization." To this end, I firmly refuse to recognize imposed on me the "5.16 counter-revolution" crime !

I firmly refused to admit of protest of Struggle,led to the hidden in behind, Nanjing "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court”Military Control Committee police officer,overt the come out carry out to interrogate me.

One day in September 1971, several officers of the Municipal "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court" Military Regulatory Commission, wearing police uniforms, sat at the interrogation table and interrogated me.
“Xin Zhong Qing, today showdown! We are "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court". Today is the decision of your 'case'!There is a 5.16 counter revolutionary organization in your 734 factory. Do you not know where you are in the counter revolutionary organization? You are the backbone of this counter revolutionary organization. You must answer the questions honestly! Several elements should be remembered: time; place; who development you? Who did you development ? What registration form did you fill in? You climb along‘bamboo pole', climb correct, you lucky, climb up the wrong you unlucky!”

"Hey! What moment is it now?! Well! Are you still dreaming? Ah! You have joined and seen many times the "Lenient and To punish severely meeting". Tell you! Your up, down, left, right, all are "5.16 counter revolutionaries"! A you a alone it's not ? Do you want to see God with granite head? We can tell you frankly: We soft on you such stubborn, and  refuse to confess offences of the ‘5.16 counter-revolutionaries’ , We are never soft on ! The iron fists of the dictatorship of the proletariat will smash you to pieces! " The interrogation officer shouted in a vicious way.

"Xin Zhongqing, we are in saving you. We don't want you to walk a punish severely road. " Another officer, who was a little older, showed his intentions directly, and "gently" persuade me:"You know, Your factory, this is  the secretary of the municipal party Committee  'squatting' of emphases. You have to take care of the overall situation!”
 In the face of they set  upright‘bamboo pole', and also thrash"whip"; is also "red face", but also "white face", in a openly manner of "forced confession" Interrogation doing false cases,  I replied categorically: "No! I really don't know, and I didn't participate in the '5.16 counter-revolutionary organization'. Others admit that it is someone else's business. I am responsible for the party's policies, and I for am responsible for myself!"
The intimidating trial was fruitless. At that time, a number and a number of cadres and masses in our factory and the whole city of Nanjing were subjected to torture, be forcedad mitting that they were"5.16 counter-revolutionaries", and making a public appearance of so-called " frank confession" at the "lenient and strict congresses" held by the whole factory and the whole city, the"deep excavation of dig 5.16 counter-revolutionary" movement in the whole province was in a good situation. and my resolute refusal to admit and public protest against the so-called "5.16 counter-revolutionary" charges imposed on me, Make me just  one mere a insignificant small Little peopleme, has become a "Pulling a hair and moving the whole body", Seriously affect them to 734 plant  as the focus, the become the key to the success or failure of Jiangsu Province's “deep excavation 5.16 black model”. Seriously endangering them in all Nanjing into full swing "pointing to the deer, saying that it is a horse" and doing  false case of the "dig 5.16 counter revolutions" movement success of historical hidden danger . I become a violate their powe the  " furuncle of eyes"  and "the thorn in the flesh". They determination want to eradicate of me quickly!

After all the methods of "forced confession" that forced me to yield in public have been completely defeated, the dog be eager finally jumped the wall. madly using the "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court " advanced secret agent "brain control technology" measures ofto remotely control the nervous system in my body, the cruelty of the day and night torment injury against my body , attempt to murder me, Seal my mouth, Cover the cover truth !

Thereafter, in my private cell, I was physically subjected, day and night, to the abhorrent mental and physical torture of this secret "brain control" spy technique of the "black hand" remotely controls. in me the be of secret Imprisoned two years eight months time , they  carried out more than tens of millions of physical and mental tortures, such as severe pain, extreme pain, itching, extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme numbness, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, and intense genital pain, sexual pain, etc torture and persecution pain, so that I can not sleep every day, can not walk upright, activities, persistent stomach, liver pain, and pain caused me to spit yellow water...... Let I personally experience to the Nanjing "Public Security, Procuratorial and Court "police officer in the interrogation of me, said to me: "you are so stubborn, stubborn to the end, refuse to plead guilty to the‘5.16 counter revolutionaries ',  we are never soft-handed! The iron fists of the dictatorship of the proletariat will smash you to pieces! " , This a persecution and threats insidious harm are not empty words, it is that uses the secret agent's "brain-control technology" measures of "iron fist", the crazily and desperately day and night cruel torture hurt me, want "smashed to pieces" me, conspiracy kill me!
In the face of this secret remote control of the human body's "brain control technology" facility , the fascist of torture of my body, the evil acts of persecution assault, I never yield, resolutely resist, not only three hunger strikes, strong protest. Moreover, give five indictments against Chairman Mao were indignantly written and handed over to them, To them propose  strong indictments and protests. This is namely:

(1) The accusation Nanjing Military Region Party committee of committing serious direction and line errors;
(2)The accusation  Fang Min is large quantities of  the people be in Nanjing to by falsely framed  “counter-revolution”mastermind ! The 734 factory, is  Fang Min's selected of  "  "black spot model " !
(3) The accusation to Jiangsu Province and Nanjing municipal  “‘Public Security, Procuratorial and Court ' Military Regulatory Commission", the vanguard and official tool of this "ultra-left" line, which has attack and falsely framed the masses to  ""counter -revolutionaries" !
(4) To accusation a group of fascist dog spy, drilled into the “Public Security, Procuratorial and Court  Military Regulatory Commission",  they using secret agents and technical facilities, Make me have been subjected to tens of millions or more times of body and mental torture and persecution, in an attempt to cover the lid truth and commit the heinous crime of "conspiracy killing me, Seal my mouth"!
(5)Annex: I Suffer "live record" of tens of millions of times or moreof secret control of bodily torture.

On September 13, 1973, with the publicity of Lin Biao's "self-explosion" incident and the dramatic change of the situation, the this In Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City and our factory was entirely a "pointing at deer and saying horse", be guilty of the most heinous crimesc asefalse framing of, the "digging 5.16 anti-revolutionary" campaign, truththe finally came to light,thus natural stop and “death. I was "liberated",walked out of the Secret cell, in illegal imprisoned after two years and eight months, went home.

In early 1974, I wrote these five indictments in private prison, in the form of large-character newspapers, publicly posted on the factory wall, every day attracted Nanjing large number of people from various factories and mining enterprises in the city came to watch.

On February 2, 1974, I carried many copies of "the five complaints accusation", breaking through Factory leader and secret police blockade and intercep, went to Beijing alone, resolutely filed complaint. On the afternoon of February 7, I carried the accusation materials and went to the Supreme People's Court of China to report the accusation. A receptionist with glasses, after reading my complaint material, asked:
"After you arrived in Beijing, body  this still the such?" he asked.
"Yes, continue to be tortured by secret control. My head has been stunned pain from time to time, and the two heels have been alternating with severe pain, making it difficult for me to walk." I replied.
He is silent and  not speak.
"You are the highest judicial organ of the country. you care about this a criminal activity illegal secret agents who violate the Constitution and violate the basic personal rights of citizens? Don't you supervises this?! " I asked him.
"This is a matter of the Ministry of public security, We are at the Same level grade as they are, and we cannot  manage supervises them ". He shook his head and said helplessly.
"So, who manage supervises them?" I asked.
He pointed to the northwest and said, "Zhongnanhai, Chairman Mao is in Beijing. You can go submit the accusation there."
During Beijing the resolutely filed complaintn, and whole process of returning to Nanjing, I throughout day and night is beensuffered from the persecution of this kind secret "brain control technology" measures. It clearly tells me that this is a national secret "surveillance network" constructed with high-tech "brain control technology". The "Supreme Court" receptionist of "answer", who default the fact that accused, I being tortured by secret remote control. this is undoubtedly telling me, that this kind of secret remote control of the human body, the high-tech "brain control technology" encroach on the citizens human rights measures that , the come from the Country  Ministry of Public Security.

After the fall of the "Gang of Four", this a blatantly trampled on party discipline and state law, abused high-tech "brain control" spy technical measures, To the vast masses and cadres secretly carried out brutal torture and persecution,conspiracy  behind the scenes black hand——" Lin and Jiang counter-revolutionary groups" of one of the main members, Kang Sheng, the former vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the former Minister of Public Security, Xie Fuzhi. Even after they death, was still prosecuted for liquidation, resulting is the "expelling the party membership, withdrawing the eulogy, and removing his ashes from the babaoshan revolutionary cemetery " of, the shameful end .

After the reform and opening up, this secret high-tech "brain-controlled" secret agent technical measures, along with the reform of the political and legal system organization, were accepted by the newly established "national security department". The remnants of fascist and their apprentices and descendants, who had followed the Gang of Four, remained in their old jobs, continuing to torture my body by remotely controls day and night, and carrying out secret violations in a crazily manner. In the face of this situation, I not flinch, tit-for-tat, unswervingly and unremittingly carry out a broad and just struggle to publicly expose and accuse them of this secret crime. Thus, they are more crazy to my body to minute and second without stop carry mental and physical torture persecution, Implementation conspiracy kill murder!

For more than 40 years, no matter I am at home, or where I  going,  this horrible and violent murder of secret remote control torture, persecution and conspiracy, against my body has always been going with me. This secret agent gang's "devil's black hand" secretly remotely controls my body of nervous system,produces strong tinnitus all day long; creates obstruction in my nasal cavity all day long, runny nose frequently, and prevents me from breathing normally; creates frequent and severe pain in my genitals all day long; produces frequent and severe pain in my back and waist all day long, two thighs frequently suffer from extreme be hard to endure feel unwell, as well as various parts of the body alternately appear sharp pain, tremor, dizziness, uncomfortable, itching, extreme cold and heat, numbness, vomiting and diarrhea...... When I sleep at night, whenever I enter the critical point of sleep, they synchronous control  shake sharply my body, shake me up so that I can not fall asleep, such, repeatedly many times harass torture, prevent me from normal sleep every day. This evil means of torture, persecution and conspiracy, Cause me to live like death, and survive every day in torture and pain.  Since last year, when I have sent many "open letters" disclosure and complaint to the CPC's "Central Commission for Discipline Inspection" and General Secretary Xi Jinping of after,  the they have  cunningly changed persecution  me of insidious means : During a period of time, mainly the was in my of waist ment the severe pain torment,  which made me unable to stand up, walk and move ; after a period of time, the transformation into mainly is: whenever I went to bed to sleep, my whole body trembled, my two legs were extremely uncomfortable, and I did not unable to sleep all night;  after a period of time after,  the transformation into mainly is: make my ears listen force dropped sharply, and the voice could not be heard clearly; then, it transformation into: daily vertigo,unstable walking......Such as this, constantly changing the means of torture and persecution, Implementing a long-term conspiracy against me of hurt. attempt to murder me, Seal my mouth,continue to the cover up they committed secret crimes truth!

As a lawful and law-abiding citizen, a 76-year-old historical witness and a victim of "brain control", my personal experience of victimization a fact that, I can fully face the legal oath to testify: This gang in the "national security department" secret secret agents, the accepting the "Gang of Four" In carried out secret fascist dictatorship over cadres and masses during the Cultural Revolution the means by which, Abuse of high-tech "brain-control technology" measures and means of secret "surveillance", Unscrupulous targeting civilians. The day and night without stop conduct mental and physical torture persecution, Implementing conspiracy crimes against humanity.  this is happen to the people, and to the people the most harmful and hidden public power corruption "Black evil organization"!

This secret agent "brain control technology" measures through the comprehensive application of a series of cutting-edge technology platforms, such as electronic computer-based simulation technology and radio remote sensing, telemetry, remote control, etc, to realize human brain and nervous system of electrical information reception, transfer, storage, processing and feedback control. In this way, the purpose of secret harassment, injury and conspiracy of controlled civilians is achieved.

In the history of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, all secret secret agents who practice conspiracy and sin are filled with bloody, cruel and shameless acts of black and evil. With the development of the times, the secret use of more and more advanced high-tech "brain control technology" measures, has made such secret agents means more terrible, evil, despicable and abhorrent! The facts of victim that I have suffered in the past forty years; and now that Hundreds、thousands of "brain control" victims , have emerged in large numbers in  provinces and municipalities throughout the country, They have made a lot of reports, complaints and petitions facts, This which further enrich and proves this point. This is:
1)Stealing the thought privacy of the victimized civilians and conduct spirit mental harassment and hurt. what are you thinking about? they can know. And immediately feedback controls your brain's auditory nerves, tells you what you're thinking, and talks to your brain,  sends out all kinds of rumors, threats, attacks and abetting crimes information, causing the victim to panic all day without privacy and feel terror terrible. Also, manufacture and enter your sleep, and appear in the brain with information such as murder, obscenity, bloody, violence, etc. To the victim conduct humiliate, vicious, shameless spirit harassment and torture.
2) The to body the Cruel torment hurt .  Remote control every part of the victim's body appear day and night uninterruptedly, such as severe pain, extremely uncomfortable, vomiting, trembling, itching, extreme cold, extreme heat, numbness......etc. It is not the physical "morbid" suffering of the victim himself. In addition, it also conduct shameless as well as despicable sexual torture and sexual harm.Causes the victim civilian to live in the uninterrupted physical pain all day long, causes the victim civilian to be unable to normal thought, study, work, sleep. carries on the terror cruel secret physical torture injury to the victim civilian person.
3)Spare no efforts to deteriorate worsen the social environment in which the victims civilians live, and exert mental pressure on the victims. They exert further pressure on victims by controlling their relatives, imposing harassment and suffering in various ways, and striving to increase the mental burden of victims. By imitating and synthesizing the voices of the victims'relatives, friends and colleagues, it be transmitted to the victims, creating false imageand confusion, provoking family conflicts and social conflicts. In this way, spare no efforts  to worsen and isolate the normal social living environment of the victims, intensify and promote the collapse of the victims'spirit.
Means of despicableness, cruelty, and insidiousness indicate that the purpose is mean, cruel, and insidious. They abuse such despicable, cruel and insidious means, point at achieve different conspiracy injuries and sinful evil of purpose for different victims. generalize as, there are the following aspects:
1)The use persecution mode, to murde the victims. This group of secret agent gangs "Black evil organization" , through this kind of secret evil means, forced the victims of day and night life to suffer in pain, because could not bear the secret of this long-term horror foreign mental harassment and physical torture, and the extremely deteriorating family and social living environment of the tremendous mental stress, loss of continuing to survive confidence and took the road of "being suicidal" with grievances,  grief and indignation. Or, the victim  because suffer  pain persecution,  may lead to emotional resentment and be out of control, Happen the words and deeds that may touch the legal red line, thus be for them to public“legal”to murde  the victims, the provision of legal“factual”evidence.
2)Framed normal mentality of take the victimsare "psychotic patients". Due to the high confidentiality of this high-tech "brain-controlled" secret agent technical measure, the general public simply do not understand and know nothing about it, and the civilian victims simply can not find direct evidence of their victimization. Therefore, when victims tell their friends and relatives the facts of victimization, it is often difficult for them to ide. Thus,when the aforementioned "persecution-type  make a murde " fails to achieve the this secret agent the "Black evil organization" purpose , they use this point to vilify the mentally normal victims are "psychotic patients", And, with the help of government officials, the victims were forcibly sent to "psychiatric hospitals" to and carried out "therapeutic" persecution and murder in disguise.
3)Deliberately create all kinds of "accidents or incidents", stealthy murder the victim. When the victim needs to pay attention when driving or crossing the road, or in other dangerous situations with hidden dangers, this group of secret agent gangs "Black evil organization" , frantically timely remotely harass, abet the victim to have abnormal thinking; Or change the victim's audiovisual perception, deliberately create all kinds of "accidents or incidents ", the conspiracy  murderous  the victim's.  4)Treat victims as "Small white mice" and conduct "biological experiments". In order to further improve and improve performance of the technical measures of secret "brain-controlled weapons", and obtain more complete functional data, these secret agent gangs "Black evil organization ", regard the victims as "Small white mice" shut in to "electronic cage", the conduct various of secret "biological experiments".  the victim suffers from the spiritual and physical torture of this secret "biological experiment" all day long, and is in great pain.
5)Deceive the public, shift the blame to victims ,and borrow the doctor's scalpel to carry out murder. For those not knowing of the truth victims civilians, these secret agent gangs violators, conspiring to "hide the sky and cross the sea" tactics, shift they it secret harassment  the civilian body of harm of the evil, the give the victims of civilians, is their own the so-called "disease".  result in victims worry about it, and spending a lot of money, energy, and time  seek medical. Even treating this as a  "cancer" or "difficult disease" for need chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even surgery. As a result, innocent civilian victims not only suffer from mental and physical pain day after day, but also some of them are unknowingly killed in the process of "treatment".

All these facts,  the vast number of  "brain control" the victims  through to blood and tears Indictment, is enough to prove, that this group of secret agents in the "Guoan" department, is in China, happen to the people, and give the people the most harmful and most hidden public power corruption " Dark organization"! Their heinous criminal conspiracy , give the victim's personal injury by secret terrorist violence is enough to prove,  That they are dregs of the Communist Party of China, the national scourge and the public enemy of the people!
Since the second half of the twentieth century, the rapid development and application of high-tech technology is a well-known fact. but the secret use classified as highly confidential high-tech  achievements ,  is not something that ordinary people can truly know, This is self-evident common sense.In view of the mystery of the “national security” department that has the secret“monitoring”privilege of the entire society; in view of the high degree of confidentiality of the technical measures of high-tech “brain control” agents; given that the victims are simply unable to obtain direct evidence of the secret control,  Also, because of the use of such high-tech " brain control technology" measures against civilians,  there are insurmountable obstacles in law, morality,  and theory. and the reality that the official must deliberately cover up. Therefore, many people the to this group of secret agents "Black evil organization", Abuse of this "brain control technology" measure, secretly infringing citizen thought and personal  security of rights, and the  existence have of this "Secret brain cavity Technology" fact, Or without understand,without knowing the truth; or doubts, difficult to fully agree.This is not surprising.
In fact, as early as during the Cultural Revolution, General Zhang Xuesi, the chief of staff of the navy, who was tortured and persecuted by secret imprisonment and false accusation. the wrote down the grievance complaint facts of " body be demon entanglement " over and over again before his death; Marshal He Long, Vice Premier of the State Council, the before being murdered, tell Mrs,  Xue Ming clearly :"Be careful, they are going to assassination me!" testament fact;  after  being held in secret, Vice Premier Tao Zhu was subjected to cruel physical and mental torture and persecution, but was falsely framed as the fact that he died of an "infectious disease" fact; When Premier Zhou Enlai learned that his secretary was murdered and Falsely framed became a "sick dead" thing, he did not believe it. He resolutely instructed to carry out the anatomy of the body to find the cause.....,All these facts have long revealed, this one the be cover up "Secret brain cavity Technology" existence.

In the 1970s, the when a large number from all over of "5.16 Victims" Snowflake like complaint lettersthe  flew to Beijing, and a large number of victims went to Beijing to petition for complaint, the highest top of the Communist Party of China was shocked. In a central internal document, there was a special instructions from Chairman Mao Zedong:  " Who is this fascist-style interrogation method prescribes of "?!  This one highly targeted "highest instructs ", further illustrates of this one be cover up "Secret brain cavity Technology" of existence!

Modern "rule of law" countries have a basic legal principle, that is, citizens have the right to "freedom of thought". Human beings are born with the right to "thought of freedom". If the people of a country do not even have the right to "free thought", are they not worse than the slaves of the slave society? ! Chinese constitutional law does not have provisions for "thought crimes." Therefore, there is no "thought Perpetrator" in the legal sense. In the early 80s of last century, when the implementation of policies across the country was conducted to redress the false and wrongful cases, a senior official in the judicial circle published a special article in the People’s Daily. he in the tone of political and legal authority, stressed that: "There are no the thought  offender in China!" , and tell the whole country. This is by no means created in out of thin air "painting the snake  adding the foot" . Its implied meaning is more clearly directed at the illegal use of this one the be cover up "Secret brain cavity Technology"! This is in order "Cultural Revolution" period, "thought" was secretly steal and framed, and the vast masses of cadres and masses, suffer under  "Secret brain cavity Technology" control torture persecution  be assassination death, the able to get “the correction and restoring reputation”, timely  in progress emphasize and provide legal and jurisprudential basis,  in the implementation of policies and the correction unjust and false cases process,  to remove the "insurmountable" obstacles encountered.

The truth of history has long been clear and unambiguous to tell us, this is which began during the Cultural Revolution, " the Gang of Four" engaged in fascist dictatorship, abused high-tech measures of "brain-control technology", the crazy and secret violations of the people's right to thought and personal security right. The these secret secret agent gangs "Black evil organization" evil acts of, are the facts of objective existence!Although, it can deceive from the ordinary people who do not know the situation or do not know the truth. However, in China's "person in the know" circle, this has long been an undoubted open secret,  is a an indisputable fact!

This secret "surveillance network" spread all over the country, this  secret "brain control" technical measure against civilians, without public legislation to supervise it and without any supervision from other national organs, and legal workers and the news media also have no right to intervene at. Under the circumstances, It is widely abused by this group of secret agent gangs, will certainly cause extremely serious harm to the personal safety of the people throughout the country; poses a serious challenge to the dignity and authority of the Constitution; will certainly give to the CCPs of fully implements“ruling the country comprehensively according to law”policy, Cause substantial damage.

This a herd in the "National Security" department "Black evil organization" of secret agent. under the banner of "maintaining national security", they the carries out the evil acts of secret terrorist violence against the victims, This is  genuine "Sin under the sunlight "! It not only completely violates the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international documents and treaties on safeguarding and guaranteeing the normal life and right to subsistence of human beings,  also completely violates stipulated in the Chinese Constitution of: "the state respects and guarantees the human rights of citizens" the legal provisions. It already has caused historic harm to the older generation of Party and state leaders and the broad masses of the people; Moreover,  is doing serious hidden harm to the personal safety of this generation of people; and it will continue to  harm to the Chinese people from generation to generation. If it is not rectified immediatelym, and the crimes of these unconstitutional and illegal secret agent groups are not investigated and severely punished in time, then, in China, "democracy and rule of law" politics, not is become secret secret agent politics?!
There is an allusion in China: " ‘Qing father' If not to die, and the danger of Lu state will not stop ". how can the masses live and work in peace and contentment without, eradicating the criminals of these "Black evil organization" secret secret agent gangs? For the ruling party of the Communist Party of China, this is a related to major political issue related to the personal safety of the people throughout the country,  it is also a related to the people's does or not support  the Communist Party of China  ruling, a major political issue. Moreover, it is also a  related to major political issue related to whether "ruling the country by law in an all-round way" can be fully implemented. not can taken lightly. For everyone living in China, whether you are the staff of state organs and governments at all levels, or ordinary people; whether you are workers, peasants, students, doctors, instructors, entrepreneurs, or people in the legal, intellectual, literary and artistic circles......  The secret " brain control technology"invasion hurt,It's like a hidden  " sword of Damocles" ,  hanging on everyone's head! Today you are not a victim, tomorrow you may become a victim; now you are not a victim, the next victim may be you! This is not alarmist , but a merciless reality.
 Faced with this battle of justice and evil, light and darkness, rule of law and rule of man, and death between the people and criminals, everyone has the responsibility to stand up for the dignity and authority of the sacred constitution;  Everyone has the right to according  the Constitution to safeguard the legitimate right of inviolability of his own thoughts and personal security.
Respected General Secretary Xi Jinping of the Communist Party of China: As the Chairman of the State, the Chairman of the National Security Council and the Director of the Central Committee for "Ruling the Country by Law in an All-round Way", the you have responsible fulfilling the constitutional swear an oath : the " be loyal to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, safeguard constitutional authority, and perform of statutory duties ";  you also have the responsibility to fulfil this promise:During the thirteenth National People's Congress, when you participated in the discussion at the Guangdong Provincial Representative Conference, you solemnly sayd : " The Communist Party is pursuing the happy life of the people. Where do people feel no sense of happiness, unhappy and dissatisfied, We will Commitment to work hard in this area, to exclude the Worries, solve difficulty ”.

Therefore, must without hesitation, resolutely and by law to the "China national security" department of "Black evil organization" secret  agents gang of Crimes against humanity committed, and in it behind the "protective umbrella" minister of national security Chen Wenqing, Not asylum, not indulgence, Should immediately resolutely trace, severely punishment! the do it in this way it is for the people whose thought and personal security are being secretly violated and endangered; also is for order to the safety and security of future generations of the people the Chinese people,  to exclude the Worries, solve difficulty. It also sets an example for the effective implementation of " full legal governance of the country" across the country.

        Chinese“brain control”victim: Xin ZhongQing  2018-10-16

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