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I Am Winkle, aka Mark Minassian,

The Winklehead Report No. 3

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As the end of 2019 approaches, here’s a trio of songs and one video that I completed before the holidays. My continuing exploration of surf-guitar music culminated this summer with two more releases: Dance of the Mermaids and Tube Rider. It has been fun recording in Rosemill Studio this past year as my surf band alter-ego, Into the Soup, and these two instrumentals will be included in an upcoming “Surf Six” collection that will be available for download in the spring.

I also got a chance to reunite with my longtime friend Doug Fearn and record one of my latest songs called Sandy Way at D.W. Fearn Studios. Doug and I first met in 1970 in Lansdowne, PA at his then Veritable Recording Studio. We went onto record many of my early songs there some of which can be heard on the website. Doug later founded D.W. Fearn where he designs and manufactures* professional vacuum tube audio recording equipment (compressors, preamps, EQs, etc.)  that are used by renowned artists, top producers, and major studios all over the world. A good friend and long time supporter of my music, I am forever grateful.

*As of January 1, 2017 Hazelrigg Industries now manufactures and markets D.W. Fearn audio products.

Tube Rider

Here they go again. The Winkle dudes have gotten together once again to create their special blend of surf magic, with the 5th entry in their upcoming Surf Six collection. This time it's surf guitar meets spaghetti western, as the dual lead guitars will transport you either to the inside of a breaking wave or to the saddle of your trusted stallion. Finding just the right acoustic guitar intro may have been the biggest challenge; the rest of the song fell easily into place.

Dance of the Mermaids

As the last weeks of summer were fading like the receding tide, Into the Soup gathered at Rosemill Studio to wrap up the last of their six-song instrumental project, Surf Six. The Winkle boys love a musical challenge and "Dance of the Mermaids" provided them with a departure from their usual hard hitting surf-guitar rock.They hope you enjoy it as much as they did recording it. Surf's up, surf on!

Sandy Way

Doug (D.W. Fearn) and I both love the music of the 60s and decided to use elements from that amazing decade of recordings in this production. From the Mellotron and typical harmonies of the time to pulling out my Hofner Beatles bass and pushing it through a VOX AC10 for good measure, we let the past and present merge. It all seemed to work in this mystical reflection of the surroundings of where I presently reside in Chester County. I also had a chance to work with the talented graphic artist, Wills Gillan. Wills brought my lyrics to life perfectly in his imaginative artwork for Sandy Way. If you are in need of an exceptionally talented illustrator and graphic designer you can contact him at And of course a special thanks to those heavenly background vocals by Carolyn Asti.

With You Without You

This is a song I actually wrote in my head before I ever picked up the guitar and started playing again after my lengthy hiatus. It was sort of a challenging mental exercise that I took on at one point prior to my "I Am Winkle" years. I wrote the lyrics and the melody and some harmony parts, but never even picked up an instrument to accompany my idea. After I was done I simply put it away and thought of it as just a bit of fun, never giving it much thought until I started playing again. It was at that point that I worked out the rest of the arrangement. It's the kind of pop song I would have loved when I was a teenager. Lots of guitars and vocal harmonies, with a driving, danceable beat.

I decided to have my life partner, Carolyn Asti let her amazing creative spirit flow in this video project. With the only guidance from me being I wanted it  to look like "kids' drawings" she created the wonderful pictures in this fun video for people of any age.

I Am Winkle and Itsa discuss next years musical projects.

Till Next Time

I hope you've enjoyed this round of music and video projects. Itsa and I are already discussing next years creative agenda and when to schedule the next Winklehead Report. So stay tuned and until then we both wish you the happiest of new years!


Happy New Year!

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