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Hellos Mamas & Fabulous Contributors!

As the school year begins, I must wind down. This will be the last newsletter for awhile BUT that doesn't mean I stop working on ScreaminMamas. There is still much to do and always something to do. I want to say how much fun it was this summer catching up and connecting with everyone again! I will not stay quiet for too long and know that no matter what, I am still always combing through your emails and reading your wonderful stories, poems and articles figuring out the perfect time and issue to publish them. 97% of all submissions get published. So, even if it takes awhile for me to get back to you, please know I never overlook your work.


No matter what, PLEASE DO NOT STOP CORRESPONDING!! Know that ScreaminMamas is a labor of love and a commitment to continue encouraging, elevating and promoting moms in every way I can. While all the physical work of this project is done in solitary (a small home office) I cannot do this without all of YOU! Your emails, zooms, and continuous encouragement serve as the motivation and fuel needed to keep Screaminmamas alive. So THANK YOU to all who stay in contact. XOX

MAGAZINE - The Fall issue is now a wrap and will be shipped out by August 14. Great work to all the contributors! This issue is full of humor, enchantment and a little bit of fright! There are still a few print copies left in our online store, so be sure to get your copy today! (I'm working on the sales, LOL). I am also working on new items to include in the store, lots going on.

The winter issue is underway and expected out in December, just in time for the holidays. This issue is full but submissions for next summer are still open. Remember, we accept throughout the year and feature stories where most appropriate. 

WEBSITE - Our website has been Updated again, so please visit! We have added OUR STORY! Yes, find out how ScreaminMamas all began and the passionate moms behind it. It's a fun ride. We have also added videos, a beautiful blog and a blog members page (still working on this one). And, we have added a page to Donate, as several have asked about this feature. I hope you find the site  as beautiful as all of you, easy to navigate, entertaining, and fun. Plus, featured writers will rotate and there is always something to add, so please be sure to check in frequently!  Stop by for a stroll today at

CONTEST - We are still looking for all the magic and fun  moms can muster up with our Magical Fiction Contest. First place winners receive publication and complementary print copy. Runners up receive publication. A shout again to Lyna Lopez, winner of our Valentine's Day Contest. Look for her winning submission, "Her Neighbor Prince Valiant", in our holiday issue. For dates & more info, visit the website. Let's have some fun!

Featured Writer

JACKIE DIAMOND - Jackie Diamond is no stranger to writing or to ScreaminMamas. She has been a long-time friend - even taught and mentored our Editor-in-Chief many moons ago before our inception at Long Ridge Writers Group, now Institute for Writers.

Jackie is a prolific writer and successful author, writing and selling over 100 romance, mysteries, rom-coms, fantasies and more.  Her stories are fun-loving, exciting and great reads! Plus, she offers affordability for everyone to enjoy her work with super sales and lots of deals. You can read all about Jackie on our Featured Writers Page!

Some of Jackie's Books

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Submissions, Cover Photos & Feedback

We accept throughout the year - anything and everything  relating to moms - and COVER PHOTOS! Family photos, you, the kids - send us your best. Check out previous covers on our website at: For more information on our submission guidelines, please visit our website at, or click the button below. 

We also accept videos of moms sharing mom tips, success stories, writing tips, a day in the life, etc. Visit our video page and scroll through the slider (3rd, 4th & 5th slides) to see some clips. You can send straight video and/or I can edit if necessary. Podcasts are still in the works, patience is key!

Finally, we are always grateful for feedback and testimonials to share with our audience. So please send! Email: or use our Contact Page on the website.


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