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Special news. 23-3-20.

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Can we really save ourselves?
Lessons in the Lockdown

Dear Friends,

We were warned 

About 12 years ago, my wife and I attended a training where we heard people promoting the idea of cell churches. Among their many benefits, we heard that cell churches would be vital in times of persecution. At the time it was hard to imagine the governments of Europe ever getting to the point where they would forbid churches to meet.

We didn't expect it to happen like this

That day arrived this week. Of course, the reason for this ban was not religious persecution. Rather it was an attempt to save our health system from being overloaded. Nevertheless, the ban was explicit: while tourists can wander into a church and take pictures, you are not allowed to gather to worship God. In the eyes of our government, the church meeting is as much a place to get infected as any other social event. In other words, we are perceived as part of the problem and not part of the solution.  

Questions and lessons for the church 

Any student of the scriptures knows that, the church is God's vessel of hope for society. But the Bible is less clear about church form. It is something we are left to explore. So how can we use the CoVid-19 crisis to refine our forms and structures to make church more effective? 

Sowing and reaping?  

The last decade has seen an amazing resurgence of belief that Jesus heals and for many Christians, faith in God has been inspired and encouraged by testimonies of many types of healings. I too have preached that Jesus heals and documented wonderful miracles in my videos. However, Corona viruses are flu-types, and rather than believing that I can live flu-free, I have simply accepted flu as a normal part of life, as a warning sign that I have not been taking care of my body and need a rest. 

Could the Corona pandemic be a sign that we have not been taking care of the body of Christ? Could it be that we have sown individualism and reaped isolation? Or could it be that the god of our own personal well-being is being dethroned?

These are just some of the questions that I will be prayerfully looking into in the coming days. 

Invitation to mobilise online

Starting Tuesday 24th March

Please email me if you are interested in joining a regular group or personal zoom call during the lockdown. 

  1. Soul searching
    Repentance for ourselves, churches & nations
  2. Fearless foundations 
    A series of Bible studies for understanding the times
  3. Cleaning house 
    Personal prayer steps for repentance and freedom with an experienced partner from our team. 

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Have we made our health an idol?

Deadly diseases were everywhere
The first Christian missionaries to Africa went knowing they would soon die of a tropical disease. Later generations, like my parents did not expect to die, but knew that they were not taking the safe or comfortable option. Deadly diseases were part of my childhood in E. Africa and malaria still kills over 400,000 people per year worldwide. Like CoVid-19, it feels like the flu for many. For 1.4% it is deadly. I was eight, when I caught it and suffered 2 weeks of horrid fever and delirium. But thanks to Choloroquine I survived. 

Repressive regimes are many

For many Christians in Middle East and Asia, preaching the gospel is more risky than hugging a coughing Italian. It comes with the threat of arrest, beatings, prison and much worse. These brothers and sisters remind us that we must not squander the opportunities that we have.

In the name of keeping us healthy, governments are going to increasingly demand the right to know where you have been and who you have spoken to, etc. Civil rights will be eroded. The calls for a cashless society will grow louder and with it, the risk of totalitarian anti-christ rule.

Revelation 12:11 talks of the cosmic battle between those who hold to God's commands and the testimony of Jesus and the Accuser, the ancient Serpent, the devil or Satan.

They triumphed over him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
as to shrink from death.

A church without a testimony, the church that loves its own life, the church that has been built on a message of health and wealth will not be prepared. We will be like all the people caught off guard without proper face masks.

Yours in Christ

David M. Taylor

ps. Why not take advantage of the lockdown and read one of my books?  

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