hey you guys! it's been too long! happy summer to you! there's news to share! so i'll try not to be all wordy here, and we'll just get to it! wavin' at ya!....terri

we hopped in on prime day! yes we did!
come on over to bone sigh arts today and/or tomorrow
for our special prime deals! let's play!
you can also catch the sale over in the
bone sigh arts etsy shop!

leveling up, baby!

my sons have been talking non-stop about 'leveling up' lately. you know - bringing things to the next level, improving yourself and what you do. whew! that concept has lit a fire around here! i was applying it to my personal life - nutrition and exercise - when i decided it was time to apply it to bone sigh arts as well! so in that spirit, here's a few changes we're making starting now! 'cause we're leveling up, baby!

FREE SHIPPING on all north american orders! doesn't matter what your shipping total is, we've got you covered!

want that print or book signed?! you got it! and, of course, that's FREE as well. just check the box in the shopping cart. and if i need to know anything special, there's a 'special instructions/notes' box right there when you check out. you can just drop me a note! ha! how fun is this?!

gratitude is the key to a happy life! and i am certainly grateful for your support that you give me thru each purchase that you make! to honor that, i will be including a FREE gratitude goodie in every order!

here's to leveling up and trying harder! thank you for being with me as i journey along!

these prints just got leveled up as well!

leveling up is keeping me hopping!
i got these to the printer by the skin of my teeth.
talk about fresh off the press!
SO fresh that *i* don't even get them until TOMORROW.
i am really tickled to offer them in our prime sales.
they will be ready to ship out wednesday.

made of light

beach day!

what?! the tuesday of prime day is also beach day?! who knew?! i did! actually, apparently i didn't! i made plans for the beach long before i realized it was prime day!  i'll be checking in when i get home. (won't even be gone 10 hours) but i wanted you to know in case you were needing something and wondered where the heck i was.
 i'm like a nervous mom not wanting to leave her bone sighs. i know. i know. just pretend you're the patient babysitter listening to me, nod your heads kindly, and then think of me having fun! i'm off listening to the waves and watchin' for dolphins.
ahhhh yes! pass the suntan lotion!

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