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HOT News! 'Queen of the Warrior Bees' is a FINALIST

in the Fantasy category of the 2020 Kindle Book Awards.Ā 

I found out yesterday! It's now in the last 5 and, on November 1st, I'll know whether my book has won.Ā 
I'm still reeling from having two books in the semi-finals so this is all winning as far as I'm concerned! My FINALIST sticker is on its way but for now you can admire the semi-finalist sticker.

Check out all the books here - the finalists are in red.

This is my second time as a Finalist in the Kindle Book Awards (Poetry in 2018 for From Bedtime On) and it's typical of my total lack of commercial sense that this is the third category in which I've reached the semi-finals.

Wow. Just wow.

Rtemis is happy for me!

I'm also a bit nervous

The U.S. Historical Novel Society ConferenceĀ is featuring our plague stories anthology and I'm taking part in the Zoom Meeting with seven of the other authors on Tuesday 6th October, at 12pm EDT . My own story won 2nd place in the HNS Conference in Glasgow 2016, which seems such a long time ago now! I designed the banner ads that are being used to promote the HNs presentation so I'm quite pleased with myself.

We All Fall Down: Stories of Plague and Resilience. if you want to watch, register here for the Zoom link

Wish me luck with the I.T. and let's hope Rtemis doesn't throw a tantrum!

If you want to check out the book click here.

We All Fall Down:Stories of plague and resilience from 9 authors

- a reminder from the past that people have come through worse.

Too much news!

Look out for extra newsletters in the next two months as too much is happening to fit into one per month!Ā 

Children in Need Charity Auction

JustĀ  a random 11 of the 600 authors from all over the world (including me) who've donated a book or special item of memorabilia for a HUGE charity event that's already raised Ā£8000

Children in Need Charity Auction

600 authors have donated a book or item of memorabilia to a HUGE charity event. I'm chuffed to bits to be in the company of authors like Ian Rankin, Joanne Harris and Neil Gaman.

Every author dreams of a bidding war for her book, right? So I'm going to tick that box because TWO readers are bidding against each other for a signed copy of Someone To Look Up To with dedication of your choice.

If you can afford Ā£8 then why not join in! All proceeds to Children in Need charity. Ends on November 13th.

Browse the auction hereĀ 

LIMITED OFFER! SIX of my books! Save 70%

SIX of my books based on true stories are combined in one ebook boxed set at a special pre-order launch price of $6.99 / Ā£5.99 (or local equivalent).

Includes amazon bestsellersĀ Someone To Look Up To,Ā How Blue is My Valley and Faithful through Hard Times.

Check it out HERE before Publication Date 16th October

My designer, Jessica Bell, chose my favourite self-portrait for the cover. That's me and my much-missed Great Pyrenees Blanche. The photo freaks out my sisters but I really like it.

News of the Puppy!

Nearly 7 months now and Rtemis has made her own agility course in the outside garden, from bench to picnic table and 'zoomies' round the perimeter. Life is endless fun as far as she's concerned and we're trying to keep up!Ā 

And the somewhat lively friendship with Watson continues. You can imagine this going on while I write.

And the indoor games continue. Watson too is having fun (mostly)!

You asked for a paperback version

and I listened.

Nici's Christmas Tale (a Troubadours short story) is now available as the cutest mini-book, direct from online retailers or to order from your high street bookshop.

Details are HERE on amazon

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Stay safe and stay sane

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Did you get your welcome gift?Ā 

I have paused my usual welcome emails because I want to speak to you 'live' and not risk some automated comment that might accidentally be hurtful as world events unfold.

We are all living different stories in a frightening time. May we all be there to share those stories over a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a cocoa, when 'this' is over.Ā 

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