Topic: Poverty Mind 

Poverty Mind? What is that? 

To me, Poverty Mind is the thing that we use to tell ourselves we don't deserve nice thing, or that we shouldn't charge a fair wage for our work, or that a crisis will befall our family if we earn money without shame. 

I grew up poor and we shamed each other all the time for making money, even though we all needed to be making more money than we did. It makes no sense! But that was how we conditioned each other to deal with the poverty--by wearing it like a badge of honor, even though we weren't safe.

Actual poverty exists, and it's horrible, and me, I eventually escaped it. 

But Poverty Mind can expand inside you. It can cross over into something akin to a dysmorphia. It can become a sort of mantra. And that mantra of "I don't have enough" can become toxic, debilitating.

To me, Poverty Mind is Colonized Mind, and though I might not always have everything I need, I do have a choice about whether or not I will allow the Poverty Mind Mantra to poison me.

Sometimes, for fun, I do a meditation where I imagine myself just swimming in tons of money, naked on my bed like a silly old Queen. 

  • How does that make you feel?
  • Would you do a meditation like that, or not?
  • What comes up for you when I write about Poverty Mind? 
  • Do you do the mantra? 
  • Do you self-oppress in this way? 
  • Is it connected to larger, (patriarchal) attitudes that you aren't entitled to have money, to have your own nice things?
  • And how does that connect to your ethics in regards to the planet, to sharing, to family?
  • Also, does the topic trigger you, repulse you perhaps? 
  • Are you all about "law of attraction" and/or "abundance theory," or do you eschew these ideas? 

Do tell. Write about it. This is your challenge.

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