Žiūrėti naršyklėje
Dear bachelor students!

We are looking forward to the autumn semester and new meetings with you. This academic year begins with challenges facing the whole world; however, we will do our best in order to provide you with a sense of university spirit and the possibility to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Below we briefly introduce how we plan to organize the study process this autumn semester:

You probably already know that this year the beginning of the semester for bachelor and master students is different: the 1st of September – for master students, the 14th of September – for bachelor students. You can find full academic calendar here:

Academic calendar

Lectures and seminars of study programmes taught in English will at least for some time be carried out remotely using VU Virtual Learning Environment and MS Teams or other means, due to the fact that many foreign students are not able to arrive to Lithuania on time.

Lectures of study programmes taught in Lithuanian, as well as Quantitative Economics study programme in English, will be delivered remotely. However, some or all of the seminars, which are attended by about 25 students, can take place directly in the classrooms. Therefore, please check for possible updates on the place and time of lectures/seminars in the schedule https://tvarkarasciai.vu.lt/ef/. We will try to keep the information on the schedule relevant, so even though the schedule has already been planned and published, we will soon adjust it according to how the lectures and seminars will be conducted.

The meetings of the first-year students with the faculty administration and study programme committees will be organized in classrooms and/or online on the 14th of September. We will send detailed information about it later in an additional letter.

From the 1st of September the work of the administration staff will be partly remotely. The exact schedule of their direct work at the faculty will be planned for two weeks in advance and will be made publicly available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Study office of the faculty https://www.evaf.vu.lt/en/about-the-faculty/structure/study-office.