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This Joint BCA-GeoSS seminar will present the details of the OM framework for ERSS works to suit local practice illustrated with case studies.

BCA-Industry Joint Working Committee (JWC) was formed to develop and standardise the guidelines for the Observational Method (OM) frameworks for ERSS works for local practice. The aim of this framework is to promote work efficiency and construction productivity without compromising safety. A circular on “Framework on observational method for the design and construction of ERSS works, and ground water control for deep excavation” will be issued by BCA on 2 Sep 2019. The guidelines for the adoption of OM in ERSS projects allow project parties to perform two upfront designs based on characteristic and most probable parameters. The optimised design could be adopted during construction if better performance of ERSS is realised. If adopted successfully, cost and time savings without compromising safety throughout the construction phase may be realised.

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