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Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds. We are proud to be in 6 cities with 250 students from 50 schools, 42% being girls!

YEA! Bangalore Speaker Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Pavan Yadav for hosting our students.

Alumni Update

Aalya Vora
NSS Hill Spring International School, Mumbai

"I’m thankful to YEA! that I made a product called SILI-DRY. This was made by me in the year 2017 when I did the YEA! program. I had forgotten about the same thereafter until I received an email from you about making a catalogue and providing an opportunity for us students to present our creations and help us market the same.

Thanks to the catalogue I got an order which really inspired me to take this project ahead. Today I have managed to make a good number of sales and I really feel like an entrepreneur. It has taught me a lot of things one needs to know for doing actual business. There are so many details involved which I learnt only with practical implementation."

SILI-DRY is a sack filled with a drying agent to absorb any moisture around it in order to prevent the spoilage of goods. The sacks have the logo printed on it with hydro chromic ink causing the word 'DRY' to change colour from white to grey indicating that the sack has reached its maximum capacity of absorption, it can be dried and reused. SILI-DRY can be used to dry wet shoes completely overnight, kept in cupboards and storage areas to avoid fungus and mould, can be used in keeping foodstuff dry, fresh and crunchy.

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Idea Generation!

Ahmedabad students have spent the past 4 sessions on brainstorming about various problems by industry, delving deeper into their hobbies and interests and using activities like SCAMPER to come up with some terrific ideas.

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