Lots of improvements, bug fixes, and the Beta plan!
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Peace of Mind for Freelancers

Hi! 👋

It’s been a while! After running Cushion—the forecasting tool for freelancers—for six years (!!!), I took a much needed “sabbatical”. Now, I’m back at it and ready to go.

Let’s take a look at what’s new!

🚀 New feature
Client Industries

To help you categorize your clients, I added a new “industry” field to the client form. From here, I’ll be able to add more insights for your clients’ tendencies, so you’ll know which industries to focus on.

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💪 Improvement
Client Rates

For repeat clients with multiple projects, you can now set your hourly rate on the client, which will then be used for all of their projects. One less step for you!

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✏️ Jonnie’s Journal

When I first started Cushion, I wrote all about the process of creating an app, but as I got busier actually building it, I stopped writing. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I’ve been writing a ton.

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💬 Talking Shop
A freelance illustrator talks about how he got into the freelance game

Daniel Fishel also discusses how he honed in on his own style.

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Updated Privacy Policy

Along with the recent updates, I updated Cushion’s privacy policy to remove a handful of services that Cushion no longer uses as well as add a couple new ones, like this lovely new email service, Mailerlite—seriously though, it’s the only marketing email service that doesn’t make me pull my hair out.

📣 Help Me Spread The Word

I’d love to see Cushion in the hands of more freelancers and small studios, so if you want to help, spread the word! Any mention of Cushion goes a long way.

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Julie Swearingen, Editor📚 Julie Swearingen, Editor📚
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Is it wrong that I used @cushionapp to schedule a nap on Sunday as a break from editing? #freelance #editinghttps://t.co/pc7rWVnqgI

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