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FUQUA INDIA Newsletter

Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds. We are proud to be in 6 cities with 250 students from 50 schools, 42% being girls!

School Testimonial

Mr. Craig Johnson
Head of School, American School of Bombay

Beyond being a ‘school’ the American School of Bombay serves as a hub for a handful of programs within India. One of these programs is YEA!. We could not be more proud of a partner than we are with YEA!. The energy, optimism, innovation, and sheer young-talent that YEA! has infused into our community and our culture is phenomenal. Hosting the program, on our campus, has (by a sort of osmosis) nudged us to be a better, faster-thinking, and more relevant educational institution. We owe YEA! a ton for what they have done for us and brought to us.

YEA! India champs compete in US on 3rd May, 2019

Lavanya Iyer
Age : 14
School : Dhirubhai Ambani International School
Idea : KYNAID - A robot that assists in physiotherapy and its management to help in hand and arm rehabilitation.

Shiv Mehta

Age : 15
School : Oberoi International School

Idea : SMART BAG BY HIVEX - Modular bag pack with multifold tech features

Dev Shah
Age : 15
School : Oberoi International School

Idea : HAND TRANSLATE - Two way communication mobile app to aid hearing impaired people

Harshita Jain
Age : 15
School : American Embassy School
Idea : NECCESSITEAS - Fresh Bubble Tea

Maithri Anand
Age : 12
School : Navadisha Montessori School
Idea : BAG BUDDY - Customizable, Compartment bag for Swimming

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We are super excited to launch a new centre at

Riverside School, Ahmedabad

Interviews conducted on 20th April, 2019!

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