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FUQUA INDIA Newsletter

Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds. We are proud to be in 6 cities with 250 students from 50 schools, 42% being girls!

YEA! Delhi field trip at Critterati – Luxury Dog Hotel

 Thank you Mr. Deepak Chawla and Mrs. Jaanwi Chawla, Founders - Critterati, for hosting us

Alumni Update

Prem Shah and Khushi Shah travelled 20 Saturday’s from Surat to Mumbai to attend YEA! classes at the Cathedral and John Connon School in 2018

 "Under our firm 'Ranchos', Surat City United is a major priority. YEA! gave a kick-start to something that I'm absolutely passionate about. When I started playing football at a young age, I didn't have a girls team or a proper platform for training. Sports bring lessons to life that one cannot fathom. And football being a team game does wonders in cultivating character of the players. Surat City United has proudly trained over 100 players over the past year. As Ronaldhino said, “I learned all about life with a ball at my feet””

- Khushi Shah


Chalk with a seedling
Krish Shodhan, Ahmedabad

YEA! isn’t just any hobby class - our students start real companies!!

Field Trip

Thank you Mr. VR Rajesh, Office Leader, Ogilvy India (West) for hosting us in Mumbai

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