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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to issue one of the Raven Weekly! 

A new weekly newsletter that highlights the artistic endeavors of Studio-Aegis, myself!

It's my first attempt at a news letter so the first couple of issues might feel a tad awkward. 

A couple items I'd like these newsletters to features include...

  • Exploring unique lore aspects for the still developing Crimson Dames.
  • Showcasing user submitted Fan Art/fics.
  • Info about special offers I'm hosting.
  • Progress report for Crimson Dames: Novella.

I'm sure I'll think up more items to include down the line. What sort of stuff would you like to see touched on in the future?

Ghost Buns
Sleepy Pup

Given the holiday, ghost bunnies seemed like a fun place to start.

My first use of Ghostly rabbits in Crimson Dames appears in my my novella illustration entitled "Sleepy Pup".

*Whispers* currently available in full color as Early Access to my Copper Tier Patrons ($2)!

The piece features a few ghostly bunnies trying to warn Orphan of an impending Psychic attack!

I thought they were pretty cute I might have to look into getting some plush or transparent figures made of them. 

The latest appearance of these adorable ghosts is in the as yet unnamed piece I penciled up as part of an exchange with the Amazing "Were-World".

In it we see Orphan beset by the cutest of spectral defenders. Not at all sore about having been eaten by Orphan when she was in wolf form. XD

The origin of this this visual motif started with this much older piece entitled "Cry Of 1000 Rabbits.

I developed the idea that Orphan was left tortured by the memory of screaming voices after waking up from a recent transformation.

She's terrified at the thought that she's been killing and eating innocent people.

She lies to herself claiming "They were only rabbits!", but the reality of the situation is that they really were just rabbits!

As some of you might know, rabbits loose quite a shrill scream when threatened or pained, leading her to confusing them for human screams.

Its all part of the plight Orphan has to work through before she can come to accept what she's become and learn how to control her newfound terrifying strength.

The rabbits I suppose are a sort of a metaphor for her Orphan's childhood innocence, but not something that she or any other characters are particularly aware of.

I've grown quite fond of the concept though and am eager to see the concept continue to grow.

Sketch Rewards

And now here is a selection of some sketch rewards and WIP I completed over the past week. 

Want a chance to earn a Sketch Request all your own? Then join this months "Roll For Loot" contest! 

It's free to join with boosted chances to win for Patrons. This months event will have a larger than normal reward pool too!

Check out some of my previous Sketch Rewards?

Special Offer!

Patrons don't forget too! This month (April 2020) I'm offering ALL of my patrons a sketch request as a special thank you for sticking with me during a recent bout of illness / depression (Not Covid related, thankfully)

Learn how you can claim your "Sketch Reward" here!

Newcomers are welcomed to join too, simply become a patron at any level and you too can qualify!

Pledge Exchange!

Patrons who opt to switch their pledges from Patreon to my new set up on Studio-Aegis will also Qualify for a Sketch Request.

Doing so will help your donations to stretch that much further by removing Patreon as an unnecessary middleman from our exchange.

I will also refund your first payment to ensure you're not double charged.

Fan Art Submitted by AJ Lethal!
Fan Art Highlight!

And speaking of ghost buns! I got a good kick out of this bit of fan art from AJ-Lethal. XD

A rising artist whose works always have a particularly cute quality about them. Be sure to check out his works and send some love his way. ^ _~


Self Isolate in style! XD

I only make like $2-$4 per sale on these shirts but having my works out in the wild were they can be discovered by new fans is invaluable. ^ _^

Moonlit Transformation
Shop now
Gill Gal - Princess Payara
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Shewolf - Lisa Talbot
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Novella Progress Report!

Writing is currently 15% Complete

  • First Draft is 20% Complete

Illustrations are 35% Complete

  • 20 illustrations complete or needing minor revisions.
  • 14 penciled waiting to be inked.
  • 10-20 currently being conceptualized.

All completed illustrations are currently available as Early Access to my Patrons with new pics to be added soon! 

I'll look into making the current state of the text available too for early access. That way peeps can review and make suggestions before everything gets set in stone. 

I'm super excited for the project and really love what I've been able to creat thus far. I think you're all going to get a real kick out of it when its complete!


And that concludes issue One of the Raven Weekly! I hope there will be many more to come and that it will continue to grow in quality.

I'd love to hear back from you too. I crave feedback!

So please don't be shy feel free to ask me whatever you'd like. ^ _^

Above and beyond know that you my loyal fans and patrons are invaluable to me! Thank you all so much, I hope to hear from you soon!

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