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A New Year with Mustard Possibilities

Happy 2020! A new year, a new decade and a new opportunity to be our best selves.  My best self is full of gratitude for all the love and support I’ve been shown over the last year and decade.  Hard to find the words to express my excitement and eagerness to see how the upcoming year and decade unfold.  Thank YOU for being part of this too.

Mustard Maven
Zane Caplansky
Zane Caplansky

Our American friends will kick off the New Year watching Zane compete on Food Network USA hit show “Guy’s Grocery Games” (GGG).  It’s actually a tournament that brings together Guy’s DDD vs GGG crew and airs January 1, 2020 – no Canadian air dates have been announced. This is Zane’s second time competing on GGG. He also judged as episode in 2018.  “I’d rather compete than judge,” Zane quotes himself saying. “It’s more fun and the best part is getting to know the other competitors – Guy always brings together the best peeps.”

Zane has a long history with Guy Fieri, the Food Network’s biggest star. In 2014 Caplansky’s Deli was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and in 2016 he competed on GGG.  But the best was his stint on “Guy’s Big Project”.  No, he didn’t win but it was an unforgettable experience travelling cross country learning how to host a food show from the best in the business.

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On the Air and Unprepared

Willa designed the t-shirt Zane wears in his GGG episode. She also named his new radio show on Tuff City Radio, 90.1 FM in Tofino, B.C. Zane hosts “Unprepared” every Sunday at 9 am Vancouver time, noon in Hamilton, Ontario and 1.30 pm in Fogo Island, NL. You can listen live over the Internet at or check the website for podcast links.

To know him at all is to know Zane loves a good conversation. To that end, he welcomes guests who have great stories to tell. The idea is to entertain, inspire and educate listeners. Over the first month, Zane interviewed guests in Italy, Tofino, New York and Edmonton. However,  moving forward, preference will be given to in-studio interviews because of audio quality issues.

Because Tuff City Radio is small but mighty, Zane is enjoying learning to push all the buttons and adjust his levels. He also gets to play music. Want to be on Unprepared? Simply email Zane and let him know.

This week, Zane welcomes Newfoundlander Bobbi Pike. As the first show of the New Year the theme is “Transformation”. Bobbi has written “East Coast Keto” a wonderful book that’s helped her get in shape. Listen in on Sunday and hear how Bobbi has transformed herself more than twice.


Since rebooting his line of four mustards, Zane has been itching to hit the road and share his enthusiasm for the worlds’ third most popular condiment. Know what the first two are? Salt and pepper! Imagine that. And did you know that Canada is by far the world’s biggest producer of mustard seeds? True fact. These are all things worth celebrating.

A condiment is anything that changes the flavour of something else. As such, condiments are rarely the star of the show. Given the above, that needs to change. Canadians deserve to celebrate their dominance in the humble condiment category.

To that end, Zane hits the road later this year on a national, coast-to-coast-to-coast “Condiments and Chaos” tour of Canada. Starting on the west coast around Canada Day we’ll make our way from town to town painting this country four shades of yellow along the way. Farmers Markets, butcher shops, bakeries, restaurants, food festivals and food trucks will all be partners and co-conspirators along the way.

As the name suggests, the tour is all about Condiments – not just ours. Ideally, all the craft condiment makers will come out and showcase their own wares along the way. And it’s about Chaos too. That means fun. Music, adventure, surprises and of course storytelling, relationship-building and connection.

Got a condiment? Butcher shop? Grocery store? Bakery? Food truck or food festival? Do you like having fun? Zane wants to hear from you and maybe to stop by with the Mustard Mobile.

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