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Dear Friends, 

We hope you and your family are healthy and finding interesting ways to social distance while beating the Summer heat. 

Did you know that most of our books ship within 24 hours of receiving your order? 

Thank you to all of our customers who purchased books either from Winuply or from your favorite bookstore, donated books to children in need and bought ebooks this month.

Our mission is to sell quality books for a reasonable price AND help our communities while doing so. Remember that 50% of the proceeds from selling Hans Helps go to local charities here in upstate, NY. Thank you for helping  our community. 

Below you'll find a thank you to our donors, links to blog posts, the announcement for a new book and a reminder to share this email with friends.

Thank you for supporting small publishers.

We appreciate you!

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Thank You Donors!

We appreciate you!
Thank You Donors

We would like to recognize the donors who donated Hans Helps  to a child in need.

Thank you donors for making life sweeter!

Linda V. (3 copies!); Albert (3 copies!); Shawn E. (2 copies!); 
Cindy M.; Ryan C.; Lydia S.; Lynda L.; Margaret G.; Ashtar N.;
Alan B.; Dennee R.; Manuel V.; Jason R.; Ugon I.

Thank you for spreading joy and information to young children.

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Blog Posts

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Distance Learning Packets
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New Book Due the Fall of 2020

Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer

Last Summer our author, Holly Winter Huppert, spent 6 weeks in Turkey. Though she had a guide book, she decided not to study it before she arrived; she wanted to discover the country for herself. Through basic research, she learned that she should dress conservatively, drink bottled water and that she could use her credit card without penalty while she was there.

Her resulting trip is a hysterical testament to staying present, finding kind people and documenting her way as she struggled with the language barrier, new customs and eating unusual foods.

Written in her humorous style with her stunning color photographs throughout, Cheese for Breakfast follows the twists and surprises she encountered as she navigated her way through a culture that was both friendly and suspicious, spent time in the mountains and the beaches, climbed ancient ruins and conquered major cities from the south, west and center of the country. 

Cheese for Breakfast, My Turkish Summer is due out this fall. Sign up here to receive updates on the book and a 10% discount for preorders.

10% off pre-orders of Holly Winter Huppert's New book, due Fall of 2020

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