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I'm very grateful to you for subscribing to this newsletter. This is the very beginning of the weekly newsletter by Muhaddis. I hope we already got to know each other better. If you're still curious, take a look at Who I Am.

The reason behind this newsletter is, I believe that an effective way to learn something is by teaching others. I share everything I know about security and web development through my articles and a weekly newsletter. This newsletter also ensures that you won't be missing any new articles.

I'll try this newsletter to be concise and scrolling less as much as possible and won't spam you with ads. I committed myself to write one or two technical posts regarding different topics about Software Engineering, Full Stack & Cyber Security and share them with you on every Thursday. I'll weekly update you with what I was up to that week and share the cool links that I found around the web.
I welcome you to the Thursday with Muhaddis

Previous Week 🌞

Blog: This week I updated my Portfolio website, I customize the theme. Updated Skills Section. Added new posts.

Hacktober comes to an end and as always it was great to participate in Open Source. Luckily I qualified for the Hacktoberfest T-Shirt.

Overall, this week was a very rough schedule even I forgot to send this newsletter on Thursday🤦‍♂️ but no problem. I'll schedule it next time.

I noticed that there might be a week(s) when I won't be able to write and share the updates due to other work. If I miss I'll surely update you the next week.

Around The Web 🌍

SharkJack [Video] This USB device lets you jack into a network and instantly run advanced recon, exfiltration, attack and automation payloads to gain network access.

Quantum Supremacy[Video] I believe we humans as mankind achieve the biggest success and there's new technology born which completes the task in minutes that supercomputers does in years.

My Journey From Getting Hacked to a Security Consultant (Ethical Hacking)[Blog] This is the story about me.

If you have any suggestions/improvements to this newsletter or if you have an idea about any other section that you think will fit in. I'll welcome your feedback. Just reply to this email and I'll surely reply to you.

That's all for now, folks! Have a great week. Be safe, make good choices, and don't get dehydrated.


Security Software Engineer at Foretheta

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