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Summer Quarterly Newsletter 2020
From the Director

Hello from the office of the ED, whether it’s in my home office or in my agency office. I didn’t think I would see the day that I could perform my work remotely from the comfort of my home. If there is one thing that COVID-19 taught us, it’s that being flexible is the only way to truly get our mission accomplished without sacrificing our safety.

I have to applaud our staff. They have been wonderful through all of the changes, executive orders, policy revisions, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! I have worked with many people through the years. These women are by far, the best I have seen. They have adjusted to change so seamlessly and ensured the clients still received the best possible care at their hands. Every day, I am grateful for them and all they have been willing to do in order to keep us all safe.

September brings the end of summer so I hope everyone had an opportunity to get out an enjoy some of the beautiful weather. As the fall usually does, we will be once again turning our focus towards helping our youth as they prepare for education that may or may not be face-to-face, with their friends, completely online, or maybe a possibility we haven’t thought of. Students are so important for us because there is a greater risk of them being targeted for online harassment and stalking, bullying, and worst case scenario, being assaulted in their homes without anyone they can talk to. We are hoping to change that by offering our online services to the schools as well as Zoom meetings and presentations that they can be a part of.

We, here at DPRC, have been increasing our ability to provide many of our services online. Keeping confidentiality at the forefront of our services, we have been working with other agencies around the state and our grant funders to get the best possible solution for how we will be able to do that. Things are still cooking right now so stay tuned to our website,, our Facebook page DPRC Shelter, our Twitter page @DPRC_Shelter or our Instagram page dprc_shelter for more information.

Inaugural Car Bingo!
Thank You Donors, Sponsors, and Volunteers!

Parker Ace Hardware                             Ariana Atkinson
Soo Co-Op Credit Union                       Kerstin Chipman
Central Savings Bank                             Ashley Cranick
Edge Surgical Products                          Kaeli Lewis
Quarter to 5                                            Stephanie Weesies
Tim Ellis & Eagle Radio 95.1                Cortney Koch
Betsy Huggett                                         Raven McKechnie
Francene Barbro-Meiners                      Chloe Yanacheak
A Cut Above Salon & Spa                     Jan Lozen
Kewadin Casino                                     Jeff Lozen
Karl's Cuisine

Hear From Our Advocates
What Does Advocacy at DPRC Look Like?

Hi everyone, my name is Bailey Rutter and I am the Crisis Counselor and a Victim Advocate for the Diane Peppler Resource Center. I began in this position just a little over a year ago. I provide counseling services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, and human trafficking. I facilitate one-on-one counseling sessions that allow anyone to talk openly in a non-judgmental environment. We discuss the situations that have been experienced, process through the events, and work on coping skills to name a few practices. I let the counseling process progress as much as the survivor is comfortable with in order to promote healing and avoid retraumatization of situations that are already difficult to talk about. There is also the possibility for referrals to other appropriate mental health services if necessary and I am here to assist throughout the healing process. Our door is always open, and here to help.

     My name is Megan Hall and I have been a Victim Advocate at Diane Peppler Recourse Center for three years. Advocacy to me is providing help and support to those who have survived trauma. When anyone comes to our agency, it is important for people to feel safe, welcome, and listened to. Myself and the other advocates working here try to achieve this with every person who walks through the door. 

    I started here as an intern and jumped at the opportunist to work for the agency. Because of this, one of my favorite parts of the job is working with interns, and new hires. I hope to ensure they get the best experience possible.

Even during these uncertain times Diane Peppler Resource Center still thrives to serve Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors with residential and outreach services. We continue to offer our DV and SA support group on Tuesday evenings from 6p-8p. This is a self-guided support group with supportive and educational materials provided by an advocate. Due to COVID-19, we will be running a social distancing group and will provide masks that we ask participants to wear, if possible. Refreshments and a safe environment are provided.

Exciting News at DPRC!
Say Hello to Our New Company Vehicle!

We were able to purchase a new company vehicle this summer. We are grateful for being able to transport our clients, and staff. Barry O'Connor from O'Connor's Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram helped us out tremendously. He gave us a great deal on a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica. Barry and his team made this process as easy as could be, including processing our license plates for us; which we know during COVID is a huge challenge. We couldn't be happier with our hybrid, which will be great for the environment. Thank you, Barry and crew! We love it!

We Appreciate You!
Volunteers 2020

Jennifer Dibble, Ellen Quinlivan, Maureen Barkley, Don Corbiere, Kim McPherson, Kolby Carpenter, Matt Carpenter, Payton Back, Kerstin Chipman , Ashley Cranick, Kaeli Lewis, Lillian Lackey, Kylee Lund, Ariana Atkinson, Stephanie Weesies, Courtney Thompson, Cheyla Shunk, Briney Weaver, Raven McKechnie, Brianna Lyons, Cesciley VanSingel, Corney Koch, Jenna Kermeen, Megan Hall, Lauren Seymour, Kendall Miller-Mather, Travis Green, Maureen Barkley, Jim Chamberlin , Madison Rhome, Haley Christensen, and Ashley Christensen

Donors 2020

Katherine Hann, Butch, Helen Clegg, Erica St Louis, Scott Ellis, Jill Halse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cindy Merlo, Patty Scot, Alice, Holly Robertson, Bath and Body Works, Cheryl Tellas, Soo Builders, I-500 Girls, Don Corbiere, Vietnam Vet, Jennifer Dibble, Tina Newsome, Mackinaw Women's Club, Paulette McLeod, Jessica Miles, Denise Toner, Mary Lyn, Jessica Waite, Kirstyn Beaulieu, Jessica, Central United Methodist Church, Angie Whitten, Pat & Bob Shimmons, Emily Jacques, Cyndie Carpenter, Sault Area Public Schools, Brad & Toni Crabb, Katie & Emily Barkley, Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen, Smart Deliveries, Becky, Dominos Pizza, Robin Lawless, Holly Roberts, US Coast Guard, Soo Public Schools, Teri Foast, St Paul Lutheran Church, Kathleen VanDyke, Suzie, Maggie Merchberger, Soo Splash Pad, Sharon Menard, Jerry, Mary LaJoy , Ashley MacDonald, Alan Thomas, Tiffany Menard, Jenny Johnson, Jan & Ed Richards, Dr. Masuga, Community Action, Pickford Library, Amanda Lajoie, Brenda Eagle-Ransom, Holly Roberts, St Ignace Area Hope Chest, Cathy Spoon, Amber Clancy, Mackenzie Coolbough, and everyone who wishes to remain anonymous!

Diane Peppler Resource Center

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