A change is coming

Team Bundle discount is decreasing to 20% (from 30%). Bibs required will also decrease to 4 (from 5)

Team Bundle

The Team Bundle gives customers a hefty 30% discount on a minimum order of 5 bibshorts. Before March 2021, the minimum was 4 bibshorts and I raised this to 5 (on March 1st) in order to offset rising shipping costs for large packages (4 bibshorts and above). I wrote about that change here.

Despite this change, costs per bibshort did not decrease meaningfully to make the Team Bundle sustainable long term.

On Monday, July 12th 2021 (GMT +8), The Team Bundle discount will be decreasing to 20% (from 30%). The minimum number of bibshorts will also be back down to 4.

I understand that a number of models are currently sold out and your team may have been waiting for these to come back in stock before ordering a Bundle. However, due to economic realities, this change has to go into effect as soon as possible and I won't be able to extend it this coming Monday.

RedWhite Apparel operates on the principle of "Scale Economies Shared". Whenever I achieve meaningful economic savings from operating at scale, I pass these on to customers through the Team Bundle. In the past, the 30% Team Bundle was sustainable as I enjoyed a period of artificially low shipping costs on large packages. Covid-19 changed that unfortunately as couriers increased pricing in response to higher fuel prices and higher manpower costs.

I cannot guarantee that the Team Bundle will remain as is and will periodically review it as my cost structure changes.

Thank you for supporting RedWhite Apparel. If you'd like to reach out to me, hit reply on this email.

The Team Bundle
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