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It's been a week, I started this newsletter and alot of great people around the universe joined it. I created a special page for Newsletter Archives to link all the past newsletter for someone who wants to see how the Newsletter looks like or if they miss something and want to time travel. Though we can track the journey together. 

Previous Week 🌞

Blog: This week I managed to write three posts but one is still in draft and will be in your inbox, the next Saturday. Blog posts I created this

Apart from that I mainly focus on automating the code reviewing. I hope my next Newsletter will cover this maybe. I finished reading "The Lean Startup" take a look at my review here. I also re-read and finished another book this week.

October is finally over and we'll be able to catch it in 2020. 

Productivity Tip: Download this November calendar and print if possible. Write your plan, goals, and aims of this month on the right side and mark the dates you have to take action on. 
Example: I'll mark every Thursday to send you a weekly newsletter and Saturday to draft a post. Till 10th November I had to finish a book and my aim for this month is to finish three books. Paste this printable on the wall or on your desk to remind yourself about this month targets and you'll be more focus. It works for me and definitely will work for you.

Around The Web 🌍

The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology[Video] The best Ted talk I ever watched. This man is insane. I wonder why this technology is not yet implemented on a daily basis.

All You Always Wanted to Know About Monorepo But Were Afraid To Ask

Awesome Talks Party It's an awesome resource to go through when I'm having boredom. 

    If you have any suggestions/improvements to this newsletter or if you have an idea about any other section that you think will fit in. I'll welcome your feedback. Just reply to this email and I'll surely reply to you.

    That's all for now, folks! Have a great week. Be safe, make good choices, and don't get dehydrated.


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