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Bloom 4 — Week of May 8, 2020

New Friend

Last week I got a leopard gecko, named Squishy. It has a very cute face and a colorful tail. I have been learning a lot about it and checking the temperature five times a day.

Leopard gecko in hand
Leopard gecko in hand
Gecko supplies
Learn about geckos
Multiplication Tables
Preview of multiplication tables

I have been working on dynamic division with larger numbers. Something that is helpful when doing my work is remembering multiplication tables. This can be tricky so we made our own.

Get our tables
Cutie pie, awww
Hedgehog with long ears
Wolfie the Bunny book preview
Book review
Wolfie the Bunny

This is about a wolf that becomes part of a bunny family. At first, it was kind of scary. Everything in this book is very cute.


Exploding Kitten game preview
Great game
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

This is a cool game where you fly in a spaceship and beat many bosses. My favorite part is upgrading the ship with gems.


🧸 Toy Joy 🧸

My favorite toy recently has been my 3D printing pen.

Get this pen
✨ Minecraft tip ✨

You can turn water to ice with frost walker boots.


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