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Monday June 17th

The Love List: Sweet Romance & Women's Friendship Fiction (Hilton Head Island Book 1)


By Elana Johnson

Contemporary Romance

Beatrice Callahan loves lists. Sometimes she even makes a to-do list of things she's already done, just to go check, check, check and feel accomplished. So it's easy to understand why, when her divorce is finally final and her ex is all moved out, Bea takes a cool, close look at her life…and makes a list.

Discovered Secrets (The Discovered Truth Series Romantic Suspense Book 1)


By Julie Bawden-Davis

Romantic Suspense

When LA Times investigative reporter Jesse McMillan scores the biggest story of his career, the price he must pay is steeper than he ever imagined. Just as the dangerous investigation heats up, Jesse reunites with a girlfriend from his past in Panama, putting himself and his new romance in jeopardy.

Tangled Web: A Steamy Friends-to-Lovers Rock Star Romance


By Jade C. Jamison

Contemporary Romance

When Johnny left town to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star, he also left his best friend Katie behind, and she carries a torch for him. When he returns, Katie senses he has a hidden agenda. As their night together progresses, she forgets that she’s engaged to another man. But that’s not something she can keep to herself forever…

The Ungainly Wallflower: A Clean Regency Romance (Waltzing with Wallflowers Book 4)

99 cents

By Rose Pearson

New Release - Historical Romance

Miss Emma Fairley, famed for her social blunders, is certain she'll never marry. That changes when she meets Viscount Frederick Yeatman, who sees beyond her clumsy facade. Together, they uncover a mystery that could change everything. Can they trust each other enough to find love?

Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Warleigh Hall Press Jane Austen Series)


By Alice McVeigh

Historical Fiction

Highest-ranked historical fiction in the 2024 Selfies Book Awards!!! McVeigh puts the spotlight on Darcy in this imaginative re-telling of Austen’s classic, (“Should she reject me again, I shall have to wed – as I swore I never would – for dynasty alone. I can only ever love Elizabeth Bennet.”)

Betrayed by Alcino


By Lashe Lacroix

Contemporary Romance

I lied to her. Betrayed her, but I’ll never let her go. Telica Vivenzio is like poison. Her innocence intoxicates me wrapped up in all that hard exterior lies the heart of a warrior. Unlike me, she has suppressed her darkness behind a cynical demeanor and snarky attitude. Her transgressions are lies and petty theft and mine are the countless bodies and nameless faces scattered across the globe. 

Billionaire Baby Daddy Dilemma: A Second Chance, Why Choose, Grumpy Sunshine Romance

99 cents

By Hannah Rio

New Release - Romance

A scorching hot, mind-blowing mistake that left me with the most adorable little secret—his baby. The boss who broke my heart, the billionaire with secrets of his own, the neighbor who makes me feel safe, or the ex who still knows how to make me smile? One thing's for sure, this is one steamy office romance you won't want to miss.

Damaged Billionaire Single Dad: An Off-Limits Friends to Lovers Second Chance Romance


By Ava Bloome

New Release - Romance

I know better than to mess up with my brother’s best friend, an off-limits single dad. But he is my fake fiancé and my second chance…I've hit rock bottom. I am sitting in the car, hungry and miserable. I cannot think of anyone who can help me out but my brother’s best friend. I dial him and ask to meet up.

Monster versus Mortal (Tales of the Multiverse Book 1)


By R. J. F.

Paranormal Fantasy

Vanessa Simons is a fourteen-year-old vampire who is struggling to keep her nature secret from the mortals around her. She gets the opportunity to attend a school for monsters, but she soon discovers that she's been chosen to save all the monsters from their murderous principal.

The Sword

99 cents

By P. I. Ryan


Dive into a world of mystery, adventure and ancient secrets. Follow Peter as he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about a relic that could hold the fate of the world in his hands. With an upcoming archaeologist, Remy, by his side, experience a story full of suspense and surprises. Unlock the secrets of the past and discover new truths.

Damaged Mafia Prince


By Angela Storm

New Release - Contemporary Romance

Rocco Bianchi is the embodiment of everything I despise arrogance in a tailored suit, danger wrapped in a sinful smile. My father's empire, my life, is now a prize he's determined to claim.Yet, every defiant clash fuels an intoxicating attraction I can't deny. As the ruthless mafia world consumes me, I'm torn between fighting for my freedom and the dangerous thrill of submitting to him.

Bad Boy Billionaire Neighbor: A Grumpy / Sunshine Age Gap Romance


By Sadie Vega

New Release - Billionaire Romance

I came to NYC for a fresh start and went home with a sexy salt-and-pepper stud. We barely make it to the hotel room before ripping each other's clothes off. On my first day of work, I run into him outside my apartment… And again at the office. Then I discover his explosive secret.

No Matter How Far


By Sara Beth Williams

Contemporary Christian

After the death of his late wife, associate professor Dylan Mackay never thought he’d find another woman, until the stubborn Jocelyn rescues him from a ski slope. The blissful whirlwind week spent together is one of the happiest in recent memory. Down the mountain, the spontaneity and carelessness of their rushed relationship comes full circle.

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