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Hello wonderful human!

I hope this newsletter finds you well. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Firstly, as promised, here is a monster LINK, collated by Shaunta Grimes, for so much creative goodness that when you open it, chances are you will emerge from the rabbit hole inspired in some way. 

So please don't click on it just yet! First, read the news part of the letter below. Then get lost - in the best possible sense of getting lost.

THIS is good too.

And in case you missed it, here is a list of 7 books that have helped me create in some way.

The Basaloid Project. It opens to the world on Thursday the 9th of April. Tomorrow! 

The Basaloid Project exhibition features 22 works of illustration, sculpture and video, all of which make up the pages of The Basaloid graphic novel, giving the viewer (you!) a sense of being inside the story.

"A mystical, poetic journey of self-reckoning. The Basaloid Project turns a confrontation with mortality into a creative manifesto."

- Ross Murray, author of Rufus Marigold.

For a well-written account of how and why this project started in the first place, read the NZ Herald, Indulge Magazine article HERE

And to come along to the exhibition launch, here is the link for the Facebook event and page.

We will also do a Zoom get-together at 5.30pm NZ time. To join and raise a glass with us in realtime, click here. Meeting ID: 337 110 389

The Basaloid workshop will now be offered online for interested people (also you!) to do in the comfort and safety of your homes, rather than the planned group workshops, and will be available to download for free, for a three-week period. You will hear about it when it happens, don't worry, in the next newsletter (first week of May). 

Until then, stay safe & sane. If you liked this letter of news, please forward it to a friend. And hit reply if you want to get in touch.

Warmest regards,


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