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September 2020

Hello Dear Reader,

Have you said your goodbyes to summer, or are you lucky enough to live in a warm climate year-round? I said goodbye to warmer temps with my family over Labor Day weekend. We had a great time boating and fishing on the lake, and enjoying my sister's wonderful cooking. (Think succulent short ribs and creamy risotto.)

Left: Sunset on the lake. Right: Puttering around on the mini pontoon boat with my father. It was a beautiful way to say "so long" to summer. Photos by Melissa Ruth and Judy Ruth.

My sister and brother-in-law are now back home in New York City, and my dad and his wife fly back to Arizona soon. Here in Minnesota, I am half way between them, but in the age of COVID, it seems a world away. I hope I can safely see them again, soon. In the meantime, I'll be parked in front of the fireplace with my laptop or walking in the crisp, fall air! (Autumn is hands-down my favorite season! Shoot me an email and tell me what your favorite season is, and why.)

New Series: Wander Creek

Last month I promised to tell you about my next project. Do I hear a drumroll?

My new uplifting women's fiction series is set in the small community of Wander Creek, Minnesota, where you’ll find a covered dish on your doorstep at the first hint of trouble, but you’ll never know who left it. In Wander Creek, people know your business, but not necessarily your secrets. It’s a great place for ice fishing, first love and second chances.

Wander Creek Book One
Abigail Price is in big trouble. The FBI has seized all of her property and she is living in a tiny, shabby apartment working a dead-end job. Gone are the luxury vacations, fancy restaurants and shopping sprees. And even though it's her husband who went to prison, Abby's friends blame her for what happened. Then Abby receives an offer that is as intriguing as it is unbelievable. But there's a catch. She must move to a tiny town called Wander Creek, which is so far north in Minnesota she might as well be in Canada. But then again, what does she have to lose? She's already lost everything. Literally. Could this be Abby's chance to start over and reinvent herself?

Book one in the Wander Creek series will launch on January 1, 2021, with the second book close on its heels. Stay tuned for a cover reveal, excerpts and more.

New and News in Finch's Crossing

Autumn Giveaway

I'm giving away copies of Autumn during the Fall into a Book Giveaway on 9/18. Join this Facebook group now and return on Friday. 144+ authors are giving away books!

Clean Christmas Giveaways

My Finch's Crossing holiday novella is one of many FREE clean holiday books in an October giveaway. I'll email the link on October 1.

First Glimpse

Read the first two chapters of Winter, the fourth Finch's Crossing book. This is the last in the series, but by no means the end of Finch's Crossing!

The Real Finch's Crossing

I can't visit in person, so I am remembering my recent trips to Scottdale, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for my fictional town of Finch's Crossing.

Debut Novel from Caroline Hollis

I recently read Caroline Hollis' debut novel and I know you will enjoy this feel-good story as much as I did!

In Feels Like Easy, the first book in the uplifting Willow Glen series, you'll take a journey to the beautiful northern coast of California where the Russian River joins the sea, and meet a cast of lovable (mostly), fun characters who value friendship, love and taking chances. This clean women's fiction story has romance, career change, deception, second chances and family challenges. Read more and get a copy today!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my books. If you enjoy them, I sure would appreciate a review wherever you buy books online, on Goodreads and on Facebook. Your opinions matter to me. I am inspired by your feedback, and use your thoughts to make each book even better than the one before.

I wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness in these difficult times. 



Amy Ruth Allen

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