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FUQUA INDIA Newsletter

Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds. We are proud to be in 6 cities with 250 students from 50 schools, 42% being girls!

The ability to forge strong working relationships starts early, our students are forming teams & actively seeking honest feedback from their peer group in class

Alumni Update

Ritika Kacholi
American School of Bombay

“From what I learned at YEA!, I launched a new educational business. However, it works more as a non-profit. In essence, I developed a novel STEM curriculum that is focused on teaching “relevant” content (environmental / health issues) through an over-arching game. The technical term for this is to “gamify” a curriculum! I created this curriculum earlier, taught my own class with it, and later made a website to reach out to low income schools around the world so they can also use my work. The curriculum is completely free to use, since my goal was to help schools improve. The main reason why I was able to scale this project was because of what I learned in YEA! "


Lalitha Adwitha
Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Chennai

"I am A. Lalitha Adwitha from Chennai. I was the winner of the YEA! investor panel last year where I pitched my app, Apricity.
Apricity is an online entertainment app on which users can stream live performances. YEA! was a great experience for me because it was very different from the classes I usually attend. As a theatre artist who has been performing for over 10 years now, being able to express my passion for the stage from a totally new and interesting perspective was invigorating. The best part about YEA! is the people and the network that I was able to build. I found a group of people who enthusiastically encouraged me and supported me from the day I walked into the first class. The teachers were always there to guide me and tell me where I was going wrong."

The YEA! experience is something that I will always cherish because it has given me a new standpoint of the world. One that is not of a performer but that of a dreamer.

Watch Adwitha’s Ted talk

YEA! 2019 Prototypes

Field Trips

Thank you Mr. Romil Ratra, Co - founder,
The A for hosting us in Mumbai

Thank you Mrs. Priyanjali Mariwala for hosting our students at Aquacentric Therapy (

Thank you Mr. Karan Virwani, CWeO, WeWork India for hosting us in Bangalore

Karan Virwani
CWeO, WeWork India

WeWork as a platform is known to fuel Entrepreneurship. It was exciting to see bright, inquisitive minds from Young Entrepreneurs Academy visit us at Prestige Central today. We had an opportunity to orient these young kids about our fast-paced exciting work atmosphere and share insights about how businesses operate. It was inspiring to see many ignited minds share ideas and come up with future plans of where they wanted to be. We hope this exposure is a valuable learning milestone for the YEA! students and look forward to seeing their promising future take shape.

Thank you Mr. Apurva Godbole, Co-founder and CEO – Drona Aviation for speaking to our students at Symbiosis International School, Pune

Our students Shiv Kampani (Dhirubhai Ambani International School) and Ritika Kacholia (American School of Bombay) will be speaking at Ascent Conclave. Please register today.

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