Open MBA Seminar in Baku: "New Business and Societal challenges in the era of Industry 4.0"

CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
cordially invites you to the Pan-European Executive MBA Seminar on

"New Business and Societal challenges
in the era of Industry 4.0"

Friday, 6 May 2022

Hilton Hotel, Lazurit room, 2nd floor


Dr Zenon Michaelides
Reader in Business Analytics, Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.

Short bio

Seminar Overview:

Our world is constantly changing. Global events and megatrends are rapidly and directly affecting all aspects of our lives. Disruptions are increasingly and variably impacting all areas of our world, re-shaping commerce and business alike, whilst irreversibly transforming our existing way of life. Such transformations present us with challenges on multiple levels; in business, as a society, and as individuals in the ways we function and communicate. Our interactions have become more, and in some cases exclusively digital. Automation has overtaken many of our practices and ‘optimised’ them. Artificial intelligence algorithms ‘effectively’ attend to our every need; from selecting everyday products and services to matching us with lifelong partners. Our acceptance, and indeed our future reliance on such transformative technologies cannot be overstated. But can such technologies and advances help us overcome the inevitable and largely negative effects of global disruptions in future? Can innovations in Industry 4.0 present tangible benefits to business and society without the notable downsides that the previous industrial revolutions brought on?

Who should attend
This seminar is addressed to middle and top management executives.

Presentation of the Pan-European Executive MBA programme

Within the framework of the seminar, there will be a short presentation of the Pan-European Executive MBA programme leading to two MBA degrees, awarded by the University of York, UK and the University of Strasbourg, France. The Pan- European Executive MBA programme is offered in Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Yerevan, Sofia, Belgrade, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Baku.

Prof. Leslie Szamosi presents the Pan-European Executive MBA

Prof. Leslie Szamosi presents the Pan-European Executive MBA

There will be limited number of places. To book your place please contact in advance our Country Manager in Baku, Ms. Nigar Hajiyeva
at 055 909 37 88 or at
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